Homework Help

  • Memorize is a fast, flexible, collaborative, free way to memorize things.  
  • Cobocards, like other flashcard services, allows you to create customized sets of flashcards. One of the key differences between Cobocards and other flashcard services is that Cobocards provides you with pdf copies of your flashcards that you can print to study offline. Of course, you can study also study your flashcards online.
  •  Cramberry allows users to share flashcards with other users. After creating your flashcards you can contribute to a public gallery of flashcards. 
  • Ediscio allows you to collaboratively create, share, and use online flashcards.  Ediscio can also include videos.  
  • Flashcard DB allows you to browse existing sets of flashcards or create your own custom set of flashcards. 
  • Flashcard Flash is a handy little search engine designed for one purpose, helping you find sets of flashcards. Flashcard Flash was built using Google Custom Search.
  • FunnelBrain is a student-driven academic question-and-answer community where students create and share multimedia flashcards. On a third side of the flashcards, videos, photos, voice recordings and math equations can also be included. 
  •  Knowtes is a great resource for finding or making all kinds of flashcards. The Knowtes library is full of ready to use decks of flashcards covering subjects appropriate from Kindergarten through college. The option to download a library of flashcards is the best feature of the Knowtes program. You can download flashcards at school and use them to  study without having to find an Internet connection.
  • Quizlet lets you make your own flashcards or study from publicly shared sets of flashcards. Quizlet offers you the ability to study your cards in five different ways including playing a couple of games with your cards. 
  • StudyStack lets you find flashcards to study or create your own to use and share.  StudyStack also allows you to create flashcards, crossword puzzles, matching games, word searches, and other classic study games for any subject area.

  • IXL is the #1 online math practice site.