Web 2.0 Tools and Use in the Classroom

12 Web 2.0 Tools to Use to Publish Slideshows Online including Google Docs, Slideshow, Slide Boom, and others.  


BigHugeLabs and Education is an amazing resource for teachers to use in the classroom because it allows you to create posters, trading cards, mosaics, magazine covers, and much more.  By signing up for a teacher account, your students do not need their own account and can easily share what they have created with you and others.  

Cacoo is a feature-rich collaborative diagram creation Web 2.0 tool. With Cacoo you can draw shapes, type, and drag and drop elements of your diagram. Images can also be uploaded into your Cacoo diagrams.  Cacoo allows you to chat with your collaborators in real-time while you work on your diagrams.

Drop.io  easy to use, online collaboration and file sharing service that provides users with a simple, real time and private way to chat and share images, video, audio, documents and other digital content through unique, user-created and controlled sharing points called 'drops.' watch our how to video Once you have the hang of the basics, check out what it means to do it all in realtime for seamless collaboration.  5 Ways to Use Dropio in the Classroom

Etherpad - A wonderful shared space, great for building stories as a whole class. Also wonderful for collecting ideas from group discussion you can then transfer to a tool like Wordle.

Fresh Brain  provides teens with the opportunity to explore, engage, and create through activities and projects. FreshBrain takes advantage of the latest technologies, such as web conferencing and social networking, to provide a very progressive environment where teens can complete activities and work together on projects. This experience is enhanced with Advisors, available to support and mentor teens who are working on projects, with the intention of increasing the likelihood of success. In addition, FreshBrain provides teens with tools and training in the latest technologies to complete these projects. 

Glogster Edu is your original educational resource for innovative and interactive learning. Glogster EDU was conceived to imaginatively, productively, and collaboratively respond to the dynamic educational landscape and exceed the needs of today’s educators and learners.  

ISTE's TOP Web 2.0 Tools List contains tons of amazing web 2.0 tools to use in the classroom!  

JMS Technology has a great chart of Web 2.0 tools on their wiki!  

kidsVid  is an instructional website to help teachers and students create videos for educational purposes.

kubba  is an e-learning tool to help facilitate teachers' work and enhance the learning process.  You can create games, crosswords, and quizzes making them available to your students and others online.  kubba even lets you tracks and analyze the results of these tools.  
Shmoop mission is to make learning and writing more fun and relevant for students in the digital age with literature guides and homework help.  

Status Cloud, a new application on Facebook, would be a great tool to use with students.  Here are some ideas how you could use it in your classroom.  

Stixy - Another way to approach putting up instructional materials online. Think of it as a bulletin board for your classroom that's online. Easy to use, easy to share and collaborate if you wish.

Technology and Education Box of Tricks was created by J Picardo to support his belief "that the effective use of technology in our schools ensures that education remains relevant to our students in their increasingly digital lives."  This blog contains the awesome A-Z Internet Resources for Teachers!

The Connected Classroom contains 450+ web 2.0 tools which are sorted by category!  Great resource!

The Digital Narrative - Finding your story with new media!  Amazing new media narratives, news about teaching digital story writing and much more.

Toolkit A-Z for Education....this is an amazing list of web 2.0 tools organized in alphabetical order.  

Wallwisher  lets you build a wall to share ideas, online notices, notes, and much more.  You can add images, music, videos, and pages to your Wallwisher too.  

We Seed is a free service that allows adults and students to try their hands at investing in the stock market. We Seed provides users with fake money to conduct fake trades of real stocks. For example, use fake money to buy 15 fake shares of Google stock. We Seed does more than just give you an allocation of fake money to make fake transactions. We Seed provides a series of market analysis tools that you can use to determine if you want to buy, sell, or hold your stocks. We Seed also keeps you updated on the performance of your portfolio.We Seed offers teachers the option to create private classroom groups through which they can monitor their students portfolios. We Seed also offers teachers free lesson plans for teaching stock market analysis and investment.

Wiggio - Great tool for working in groups. This is more of a fully featured service, with emails, polling, group chat features and more.

You Are Here is a virtual shopping mall.   The purpose of You Are Here is to share information with middle school students about business practices, advertising, identity theft, and general consumer education. The You Are Here virtual mall is divided into four sections that students can walk through. Each section of the mall is addresses a different set of topics. The teachers' section of You Are Here offers four lesson plans for each of the four sections of the virtual mall.