Internet Libraries

INTERNET LIBRARIES are a place where you can find thousands of resources on all different subjects.  An internet library is like a school or public library, except for that the resources are contained within a web site.

Here is a internet library that you just have to check out!  There is something for everyone here...

Cybrary Man's Educational Web Sites created by Jerry Blumengarten.  This site has resources for students, educatorsparents, and general interest sites with useful information. 

Awesome Library - In this internet library, you can find information for tons of subjects, including towns, friends, sports, and science.  

CyberSleuth Kids - In this internet library, you can find subject areas from web design, animations, fun and art. 

Internet Public Library-Kidspace - WOW!  This incredible internet library is just amazing and has a wealth of information categories ranging from reading zone, reference help, and our world. 

ThinkQuest Library - What a unique web site!  This internet library is created by students from all around the world.  Students can submit information about thousands of topics and compete against others in the internet library competition.