Most recent news:
    The new year has begun and we are already full speed ahead. On August 27th, some of NHS's new members, Claire Kinley, Leasha Porter, and Clare Schoonmaker got their first opportunity to help the community by painting driveways with VM logos. 
Old and new members of NHS!
Old and new NHS members! 

On February 12, we visited the King Dreamers at Martin Luther King Elementary in Des Moines to created BOOKS OF HOPE which will be sent to Uganda in May.  

Van Meter NHS and King Dreamers Create Books of Hope

The Van Meter NHS chapter held a Christmas party for the KING DREAMERS at Martin Luther King Elementary in Des Moines.  It was a GREAT day!  

Van Meter NHS and King Elementary Christmas Party

On Sunday, December 6th we volunteered at the Jordan Creek Barnes and Noble wrapping presents to raise
 money for our event with the Dreamers!  

I Have a Dream adopts classrooms of inner-city, 
high risk kids in first grade, provides tutoring & 
mentoring along with personal support along the way; upon successful completion of high school, 
financial assistance  for college is guaranteed.

On December 17th our NHS members will be going to 
ML King Elementary in Des Moines to host a fun 
Christmas party for the 4th grade Dreamers! 

This will be just the start to a great relationship between these children and our NHS chapter.

The ML King Dreamers!