The Vision of Van Meter CSD is to empower students to be learners who:
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Personalized Learning : Students show growth in their learning to close the gap, become proficient, and/or move to advanced proficient.

District Measures:

  • Iowa Assessments grades 3-11

  • iReady grades K-8

  • FAST grades K-5

  • Van Meter Vision Survey K-12 (section related to personalized learning)


Innovative Practices: Students are engaged in higher order, deep thinking skills through student-centered, Project Based Learning.

District Measures:

  • Instructional Practices Inventory (IPI)

  • PLC notes showing implementation of AIW process

  • Van Meter Vision Survey K-12 (sections related to Project Based Learning and Engagement)

Global Ready: Students receive meaningful feedback on the Vision Points/District Competencies.

District Measures:

  • Van Meter Vision Rubric: Collect baseline student self-reflection and teacher reflection grades K-12

  • IC Map: Growth in implementation on principle 2 (competencies) and 3 (assessment)

  • Van Meter Vision Survey K-12 (sections related to Competency-Based Education and Feedback)

District Expectations:

  • Learning targets are posted and students know the learning target
  • Students are engaged in high levels of learning
  • Project Based Learning is a way of doing business, not an event.
  • Use AIW standards and protocols in teams to improve instruction.
  • Successes are celebrated