Purpose of the Site
This purpose of this site is to assist learners (students and teachers) in their academic endeavors. The contents are created to help them organize their learning opportunities.

Class Schedule

Seminar- Freshmen Seminar
1st hour- HS Reading
2nd hour- Senior English
3rd hour- Instructional Strategist
4th hour- Instructional Strategist
5th hour- Contemporary English
6th hour- Instructional Strategist
7th Hour- Senior English
8th Hour- Instructional Strategist

Mr. Hyer's Purpose in Teaching
To provide every student with every advantage that I can. 

To help students become critical thinkers... by questioning everything. 

To help every student see the world better. 

Contact Information

Twitter: @shawnhyervm

About Mr. Hyer

My name is Shawn Hyer, and this is my 24th year as a teacher- my 18th year at Van Meter. I began my teaching career in Panorama in 1994 and then moved to Van Meter after my first four years of teaching. After teaching at Van Meter for five years, I moved to Urbandale and taught at Urbandale Middle School for 2 years. Finally, I returned to Van Meter in 2005 and have remained here since.  I graduated from 
the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Education in 1994. I later earned
 a Master's in Education and a Reading Endorsement from Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Over the years, I have taught 6th grade reading, 7th grade reading, 8th grade reading, 7th grade English, 8th grade English, 9th Grade English, Senior English, 7th grade geography, 8th grade social studies, and mass media. I have coached junior high basketball, junior high track, junior varsity volleyball, high school girls' basketball, and high school boys' basketball. I am now an instructional strategist, teacher, and PD coordinator. I have retired from coaching (again).