Mrs Geake

(Year 3)
Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to our webpage for Year 3 at Caedraw Primary School!

 As you can see, we regularly update our Year 3 Twitter feed and Year 3 school webpage with photographs or information about what your child has been/will be working on, so please continue to check these in order to keep up to date with your child's progress.

 Autumn Term 2017

During the Autumn term, our topic is ‘Round the World’, which teaches children about different food types from around the world and the importance of the need for a variety of foods and exercise for good health. Your child will be given the opportunity to: make different foods from around the world; identify significant people related to the development of flight, such as Amelia Earnhart and the Wright brothers; consider contrasting localities in different countries; identify and locate places around the world using maps and atlases; to create a class orchestra to replicate sounds from around the world and to make observational drawings of landscapes from around the world. The topic will provide your child with the opportunity to develop their understanding of different kinds of forces, focussing on gravity and air resistance and the ways in which forces can affect movement and how forces can be compared.

Throughout all aspects of their learning in Year 3, your child will be given a wide range of opportunities to develop their ICT skills. During the course of the Autumn term, your child will learn to write how to instructions, reports, letters, a diary entry and shape poems. A key focus for the Autumn term will be for your child to learn the 3 x multiplication tables and to further develop their skills in the 4 operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They will develop their problem-solving skills in maths by learning how to draw diagrams and tables as strategies for finding solutions to questions. Their Welsh skills will be developed by learning new language patterns through the topics ‘The House’ and ‘Pets’, and they will begin to consider the meaning of religion and associated values and ways of life.

 General Information


Until October half-term, your child will be participating in ‘Food and Fitness’ sessions each Wednesday, which will account for their weekly P.E session. For the remainder of the Autumn term their P.E sessions will be held on a Friday. Please ensure your child brings their P.E kit, black shorts and a red or white t-shirt with trainers, with them on the relevant day.


Your child will attend Rhyd-Y-Car Leisure Centre for daily swimming sessions from Monday 2nd October - Friday 13th October.


Your child will receive homework every Friday, which is to be returned by the following Friday. They will also have spelling words given to them on a Friday to practice at home before they are tested on them the following Friday in school. Your child will also usually sit their Big Maths tests on a Friday.


Your child must bring their reading book and reading record to school with them each day. I ask that they practice reading their reading book at home for 5 minutes every night to help them develop their fluency and comprehension.

Helpful Resources

Some very good website that I often use are: BBC Bitesize, Top Marks and Woodlands, and there are a huge variety of interactive, fun games to support children in their learning on these sites.

 Some particular favourites include: Ordering and Sequencing, Hit the Button, 3 x table game, 4 x table game, 8 x table game, Space Hangman and Penguins on Ice.

We have an online Classroom where we have our work and resources.