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(Year 5)

Welcome to Year 5

This term’s topic is ‘Terrible Tudors’ which has a history focus and teaches children about the life and times of the Tudors in the period 1485 - 1603. Children will contribute to the ideas and planning of the topic, with these forming much of the teaching and learning over the term, but below gives an indication of what the children will be learning.

Children will be given opportunities to develop a wide range of numeracy and literacy skills, with many of these aligned to the Tudor topic. Key elements in maths during the Spring term include: reading and converting 24-hour and 12-hour analogue and digital time; children considering symmetry and reflection; making 3d maths models; drawing 2d shapes on a grid and calculating volume. Within literacy, children will study the work of Shakespeare to write their own sonnets and playscripts, with children also being given the opportunity to write with a quill. Pupils will hone their debating and persuasive skills, writing an advert for a new wife for Henry VIII and a newspaper report about the Spanish Armada, and will write biographies and diary entries based on the exploration of Sir Francis Drake amongst others. A key focus will be on children assessing and appraising their own work, particularly their oracy skills, for them to ensure continued progression of their language skills.

Pupils will be given exciting opportunities to develop their science knowledge within this topic, including: investigating the daily and annual movements of the Earth and their effect on day and year length; the relative positions and key features of the Sun and planets in the solar system and the link to link to scientific discoveries of the age such as Galileo, navigation by the stars and the Tudor Rose. Children will consider the properties of different materials and how these influence their suitability for different roles.

The topic will focus on the daily life of people living in the time of the Tudors;  with the children Identifying differences between ways of life at different times and gaining an understanding of significant people and events in different periods of history. Pupils will be asked to identify and locate places and environments relevant to the Tudors using globes, atlases, and maps and will be given opportunities to follow directions, estimate and calculate distances. Children will pay consideration to the importance of religion in Tudor times, particularly in reference to Catholicism and Protestantism, and will learn about the dissolution of monasteries and the importance of Catholic weddings and divorces. Within the topic, children will consider mechanisms, such as gears and cams, to learn about and make their own Tudor toys and use 3D printing to make their own replica boats to represent those used in the age of discovery. Pupils will consider Tudor portraits and the Tudor Rose and within music, will make comparisons and appraisals of Tudor music and modern music. P.E sessions will continue to be on Friday afternoons, with the focus during the term being Tudor dance and gymnastics.

During Welsh sessions this term we will be continuing to focus on telling the time; looking at telling the time to the nearest five minutes. We will then move on to the topic of television where we will build on language the children have developed so far by introducing new language patterns and vocabulary. As with every term we will be including elements of reading, writing and oracy. A range of activities will include; reading TV programmes, completing reviews for TV programmes and films and discussing likes and dislikes.

Our current topic for SEAL sessions is Going for Goals; this focuses on the range of feelings and emotions linked to setting goals and achieving or failing to achieve these goals. We will look at realistic goal setting and how to make goals manageable. The children will have the opportunity to discuss the values and morals of different people when focusing on the Tudors, focusing on right and wrong and comparing these to their own beliefs.

We will continue to teach the DCF throughout the curriculum and encourage safe use of technology at all times. ICT will be embedded in to our lessons to encourage cross-curricular learning and using the ICT equipment for a purpose. We will be focusing on using a 3D printer this term and will include design projects using software available in school. We also continue to use Micro-bits in ICT as this was a great success last term.

In order to fully immerse pupils in the topic, a school trip to St. Fagans National Museum of History in February, where children will participate in two workshops, including ‘Tudor Costume’ in which children compare and contrast the clothes of the gentry with those of wealthy farmers and the ‘Tudor Religion and Belief’ workshop where children will visit the pre-Reformation Church (c1530) to discover the role of religion in everyday Tudor life and how this changed during and after the reformation.

Parents, guardians and family members will be invited into school on Wednesday 10th April to celebrate the work of the pupils during the Spring term, which gives you an opportunity to understand what the children have learnt and achieved during the ‘Terrible Tudor’ topic, and we hope to see many of you at this event! (more details and invitations to follow)

Below are some key websites that may help your children during this term:

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