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Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to our webpage for Year 3 at Caedraw Primary School!

 As you can see, we regularly update our Year 3 Twitter feed and Year 3 school webpage with photographs or information about what your child has been/will be working on, so please continue to check these in order to keep up to date with your child's progress.

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 Summer Term 2017

During the Summer Term 2017, the children will be working on the 'Myths and Legends' topic, which has a history focus and teaches children about The Iron
Age Celts from c. 600 BC - 50 AD.

At the heart of this project children read, re-tell and write Celtic myths and legends and create their own in the style of the Celtic storytellers. They will write newspaper reports and a Haiku poem using the myth ‘The Girl from Llyn y Fan Fach’ as inspiration. There will be many opportunities for the children to develop their oracy skills throughout this topic, including through the use of debate and by retelling Celtic stories, including that of Boudicca, through drama.

Children will study the daily of the Iron Age Celts and will investigate the locations in Wales in which they lived and why.

By the end of the project, the children will apply their skills and understanding by designing and creating a house for a Celtic warrior, considering: where to position it, the best materials to use, how to ensure the house allows light to pass through during the daytime and how to soundproof it accordingly.

In order to support the children in their learning, the children will be visiting Castell Henllys:

To support your child in their learning during this topic, there are many good websites that they may wish to use:

National Tests

During May, your child will be sitting the National Reading and Numeracy tests:

You may find this video helpful to look at with your child prior to the tests:

 General Information

 Your child's P.E sessions are held every Friday afternoon, so please arrange for your child to have their P.E kit with them each Friday.

Helpful Resources

Some very good website that I often use are: BBC Bitesize, Top Marks and Woodlands, and there are a huge variety of interactive, fun games to support children in their learning on these sites.

 Some particular favourites include: Ordering and Sequencing, Hit the Button, 3 x table game, 4 x table game, 8 x table game, Space Hangman and Penguins on Ice.

We have an online Classroom where we have our work and resources.