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(3) Guidelines to Request for Work Attachments

Guidelines given on this website are general. Different organisations may have different requirements. It is recommended that you find out the specific process of applying for an attachment with the individual organisation before writing in.

Tips for Writing to Request for an Attachment:
  • Adopt the format for Formal Letter Writing
  • Address the letter with "Dear Mr/Ms/Mdm (name of person-in-charge)"
    • If you do not know the name of the person-in-charge, address the letter with "Dear Sir/Madam".
  • Give a brief introduction of who you are and your purpose for writing in (in this case, you are writing in to seek an opportunity to be attached to the organisation or a particular department in the organisation).
  • Explain the main objective of your attachment. Include what you hope to learn and why you choose that organisation. Include the approximate length of time that you would like to be attached to the organisation.
  • End the letter by thanking the person-in-charge for attending to your request.
  • Ensure that the tone of your letter is sincere and grateful, not demanding (you are asking people to assist you and you want to leave a good impression).

  • Attach your resume / CV to your letter/email (if required).
    You can refer to the guidelines recommended by the Work Development Agency or eCareers.

If you are Clueless about how to start...

If you would like to apply for an attachment and have no idea who to write to, try the following:
  • Call the organisation
  • Explain that you would like to be attached to the organisation
  • Ask if the organisation offers attachment opportunities and who you should speak to or write to.
Most organisations would require that you write in. Find out the procedures and details they require. Ask for the name of the person you should write to, and the mailing address or email address.