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(4) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) Can I apply for multiple work experience opportunities?
 You are required to commit to the opportunity you applied for. This means, that once selected, you are required to accept the opportunity and complete the work experience for the stipulated period. Declining the opportunity after being selected, reflects badly on your character. It means that you deny another student of the opportunity of being selected for the attachment, and the organisation who selected you would lack 1 intern.
Hence, if you are very keen to apply for multiple internships, write in to Mr Darius Tan ( with your reasons and we will consider your request on a case by case basis. 
2) Can international scholars apply for work experience opportunities?
International scholars, who are interested to sign up for job attachments that require them to stay in the hostel beyond the given deadline by MOE, are required to contact their teacher mentor to seek permission for hostel stay extension.
3) Can JC2 international students apply for work experience opportunities which start the following year?
For work that commences the following year, international students are considered to have graduated from JC, and are no longer students. To work, you have to liaise with the company to apply for a work permit.
4) How do I craft a CV / resume if the organisation asks for one?
You can login to, click on "Pre-University" tab at the top of the screen. In the next page, click the "Job Seeking" tab at the top of the screen and you will find a tutorial on how to write a resume.
5) Are academic results the key deciding factor in the selection process?
Selection criteria varies from organisation to organisation. Some organisations look for other qualities, for example, they may look at why you want to take up the opportunity (ie. the paragraph you submit in the application form). Some organisations may also require applicants to attend an interview where they might look for qualities such as passion, compassion, communication skills, etc.
However, academic results are important and play a role in the selection process. Your academic results say a lot about you. Good results show that you are someone who puts in effort into what you do, you are likely to be responsible and could be counted on to do a good job.
JC1 students who are required to sit for R-papers in the following year are advised to prioritise your commitments. It is more important to catch up with your academic work during the Dec holidays, than to accumulate work experience. Going on work opportunities might be a distraction to your preparation for R-papers.
6) Can work experience be counted as a T3A?
Work experience is meant to allow you gain insights into the industry, to help you with career planning and to decide on which course to enroll in for your undergraduate degree. You can include the work experience on your resume. We do not recognise work experience as a T3A unless you have made a significant contribution to the organisation during the attachment, such as carrying out a research idea which solved a problem for the organisation.
7) If my enlistment date to National Service has not been confirmed, can I still apply for work experience opportunities?
Yes you can, but you MUST let your prospective employer know that you are expecting to be called up around Jan or Feb (Please include this information in the Application form under the question on the time period you can commit for.) As a rule of thumb, it would be safer to only apply for opportunities that are less than a month in duration and are preferably held in December (if you are sure you do not need to go for the Physical Training Phase which usually starts in Dec). If you need to go for PTP, you are strongly encouraged to consider work attachments only after your ORD, where we will advertise these opportunities to you again. 

Please check with Mr Darius Tan ( if you have any further enquiries.