Work Experience

This webpage contains information about opportunities and application procedures for work experience (attachments) with external organisations. Only Victorians will be considered for these attachments -- those graduating from VJC in 2018 or later, or those who have just completed their NS (2015 cohort) and are waiting to attend university. However, priority will be given to current JC1 and JC2 students if the number of vacancies is limited.
Attachment with an organisation allows you to interact with people in the industry and gives you a better idea of whether a career in this industry is suitable for you. To read more about the different types of attachment are, go to
Types of Attachments

Before applying for an attachment:
  • Please ensure that you can be FULLY COMMITTED to the attachment before applying. This includes first obtaining permission from your CCA teachers-in-charge to excuse you from CCA sessions you will miss during the period of attachment.
  • There are some common questions that students have on their minds. Do read our FAQ page if you have any queries: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  • Please discuss with your parents and seek their agreement first.
  • Current students who are struggling with your studies should prioritise your studies, and perhaps consider work experience only next year.
Work attachment through VJC
Head over to the 2018/2019 Work Experience Site now!
Other Attachments/Internships
If you would like to be attached to an organisation that is not listed here, you are encouraged to write in to the organisation's Human Resource Department, to request for an attachment with them. Check this out first: Guidelines to Request for your own Work Attachments
Students are encouraged to source for their own work attachments, especially through relatives or friends. However, please take note that such attachments should not take place during term time and should not clash with official school activitiesFor excuse from CCAs, please obtain prior approval from your CCA teacher before applying for / accepting the work experience.