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The following titles are available at the VJC Library in the A-cubed (A3) corner (unless otherwise stated).  For many titles, if there are multiple copies, one or more copies will be available for loan, while others remain as reference copies you can read in the library.

There are other titles not listed below - just go to the corner and explore.  More titles are bought each year.

Look at the various broad categories below, and the titles in each category.

Medicine / healthcare


Title: Essays That Will Get You Into Medical School 
Author: Kaufman, D., Dowhan A. & Dowhan A. 
Call Number: R610.71 

 This comprehensive, step-by-step guide covers: 
  • The application to medical school. 
  • Strategies for writing medical school essays, which include creative writing exercises and self-assessment. 
  • Advice for reviewing and refining the essay. 
  • Tips for in-person medical school interviews. 
  • Sample interview questions. 
  • Questions applicants can ask interviewers.

Title: Behind the Stethoscope
Author: Various contributors
Call Number: RS610.922

If you’re interested in medicine, this is a must-read. This locally-published work, which is arguably the first of its kind in Singapore, is a collection of first-hand accounts from doctors in Singapore which details their experiences in training, at work, and their personal struggles as practitioners.

 Read this if: 

  • You want to know what doctors themselves have to say about the profession
  • You want to understand medicine in the Singapore context
  • You want to understand the training doctors in Singapore go through

Title: How Doctors Think
Author: Jerome Groopman
Call Number: 610 GRO

How Doctors Think is a window into the mind of the physician and an insightful examination of the all-important relationship between doctors and their patients. In this myth-shattering work, Jerome Groopman explores the forces and thought processes behind the decisions doctors make. He pinpints why doctors succeed and why they err.   A must-read before you even apply for the medical school -- this will help you write better personal statements or do better for their assessments / interviews.

Title: Learning Medicine
Author: Peter Richards, Simon Stockill et al
Call Number: 610.69 LEA

How to become and remain a good doctor. Provides useful insights, albeit in the UK context.  A must-read if you are applying to the UK universities.

Title: How to get into medical school
Author: Christopher See
Call Number: 610 SEE

The indispensible guide that no student can afford to ignore.

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Title: Preparing for the BMAT
Author: John Butterworth
Call Number: 610.76 PRE

This is the title most of your seniors found most useful.  However, there are also other BMAT titles available for reference.
Please do not make any markings in any of the books!  You should not be selfish!
Title: Many Talents, One Passion
Author: Various contributors
Call number: RS610.737

This book is useful for:
  • Understanding what Allied Health professional in Singapore undertake
  • Getting a comprehensive overview of the varied roles that Allied Health professionals play
  • Getting a first-hand account of the daily experiences, challenges, and the training that Allied Health face
Title: Patient's Interest Foremost: the Good Doctor's Ethics
Author: Arthur Lim
Call Number: 174.2 LIM (open shelf, not at A-cubed)

Throughout history, men have repeatedly made judgments regarding their own conduct and that of their fellow men. Some acts have been judged to be right or good, while other acts have been denounced as wrong or evil. Ethical judgment in medicine, as in other areas of life, is an attempt to distinguish between good and bad conduct.

This book is based on three lectures given by the author. The first lecture was an address delivered to medical undergraduates at the National University of Singapore in 1995. The second was a Commonwealth Medical Association lecture delivered a decade ago. The third was a Singapore Medical Association lecture delivered in 1981.

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Title: Medical Ethics
Author: James Torr
Call Number: 300.05 CUR (open shelf, not at A-cubed)

Look also for similar titles by different authors available in the library

Title: Taking sides: clashing views on controversial bioethical issues
Author: Carol Levine
Call Number: 174.95 LEV, 174.95 TAK (open shelf, not at A-cubed)

Provides perspectives concerning medical / bioethics. A few editions available.

Title: Medical School Interviews
Author: Olivier Picard, George Lee
Call number: 610 PIC (at A-cubed corner)

A practical guide to help you get that place at medical school: over 150 questions analysed.  (A senior said this is a good book --- while the NUS and NTU selection process does not have a long interview, what this book discusses still helps you to think about relevant matters related to your application to a medical school.)

Recommended by seniors!




Title: Reading Law in Singapore
Author: Tang Hang Wu, Michael Hor
Call Number: 340.071 TAN

A good book for students considering a law degree.  Not only will it help you to know what the university course is like (and thus decide if this is really what you want) , it will also help those who are certain of their choice to be more informed and thus perform better for the selection essay and interview.

Chapters on criminal law, contract law, law of torts, legal theory, advocacy and moots, land law, comparative legal traditions, constitutional law, company law etc


Title: Thirty Years Hundred Stories
Author: Liu Fook Thim

This book captures 100 stories of engineering accomplishments in Singapore over a span of 30 years.  Be inspired to take up an engineering career!

Title: Hands On

This book introduces you to engineering work in DSTA.
Soft copy is also available here.

Interviews / Writing personal statements / Other lifeskills


Title: How to Write the Perfect Personal Statement
Author: Stewart, Mark A.
Call Number: R378.1616
Category: Personal Statement

This easily digestible guide has:

  • Guidelines for preparing for and writing the personal statement in response to a range of questions.
  • Tips for negotiating in-person interviews.
  • Real advice from the schools themselves on crafting personal statements.

Title: The First 60 Seconds 
Author: Burns, Dan 
Call Number: R650.144 
Category: Interviews

This book focuses on: 
  • A plan of preparation in the run-up to the interview.
  • Establishing a positive impression at the start of the interview and strategies for maintaining it throughout its duration. 
  • Post-interview communications. 
  • Strategies for setting career goals.

Title: How to Write a Great CV
Author: McGee, Paul 
Call Number: R650.142 MC 
Category: CV

This guide is in a workbook style that contains specimen CVs and case studies. 
The author works through sample job advertisements and action plans, and offers interview preparation tips. It could help you to:
  • Write a CV and covering letter that highlight your skills, achievements and experience in such a way that the reader feels eager to meet you.
  • Go through a self-assessment and skills evaluation process and tailor those skills to the job you are applying for.

Title: You’re Hired! Interview Answers 
Author: Roderick, Ceri & Lucks, Stephan 
Call Number: R650.14 ROD 
Category: Interviews

Competencies are concerned with how we do things, and in a job environment in which recruiters are increasingly asking competency-based questions, this book helps shed light on how to handle these, and non-competency questions. 

Find out: 
  • What competency-based questions are and how to respond. 
  • How to understand the competencies companies look out for. 
  • How to be authentic and credible in challenging interviews.

Title: Answering Tough Interview Questions [Recommended] 
Author: Yeung, Rob 
Call Number: R650.144 YEU 
Category: Interviews

This easy-to-read guide could help you prepare for a wide range of interviews [jobs, scholarships, university courses etc]. 
It addresses areas such as: 
  • Understanding what interviewers are looking for.
  • Researching the company/organization/university
  • Building confidence and creating the right impact.
  • Tackling effectively a very wide variety of interview questions. 
  • [Important] The explanation of the rationale behind the questions, advice on common pitfalls and the sample responses provided are particularly useful.
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Title: How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay
Author: Gen and Kelly Tanabe 
Call Number: RS808.06 TAN 
Category: Interviews & personal statements

  • scholarship interview strategies
  • Q&A with scholarship judges
  • 30 winning scholarship essays
  • 12 essays that bombed
While this book is about scholarships for U.S. universities, parallels can be drawn with scholarship applications in general.

Career exploration:


Title: What Color is Your Parachute? For Teens 

Author: Christen, Carol & Bolles, Richard N. 
Call Number: 650.15 CHR 

This book is useful for: 
  • Defining your interests and skills. 
  • Identifying jobs that are in tandem with your skills and interests. 
  • Drawing up a plan at the tertiary level to reach your career goals. 
  • Providing tips on job-search skills and portfolio creation.

Title: What Color is Your Parachute? (2013 Edition)
Author: Richard Nelson Bolles 
Call Number: 650.14 BOL

This is an internationally recognised title that helps individuals with their career exploration. Older editions are also available in the library.

Title: Career Building: Your Total Handbook for Finding a Job and Making it Work
Author: Editors of careerbuilder.com
Call Number: R650.14 CAR

This book could help you in: 

  • Job hunts: Writing a good resume, finding a job that fits your profile, doing well interviews and negotiating a good job offer.
  • Workplace fundamentals: Do’s and don’ts in the work place, dealing effectively with your colleagues and bosses and dealing with positive and negative feedback.

Title:  You Majored in What?: Mapping your Path from Chaos to Career
Author: Brooks, Katherine
Call Number: R650.14 BRO

This book could help you: 

  • Discover your strengths and inclinations through a series of quizzes and interactive exercises. 
  • Make new connections between your interests and life experiences, and possible career paths going forward.
  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors and make truly satisfying career choices that better fit your profiles.
 Career Guide Career Guide 2015 MagazineTitle: Career Guide
Call Number: 331.702 CAR

This publication, updated annually by Singapore Press Holdings, can be your one-stop shop of employment opportunities in Singapore.

 9789810940195Title: Million Dollar Mission
Exploring Career Success with Your Youth
Call Number: (available in VJC library soon)

This book takes you on your million dollar mission to discover your strengths, explore your career options, and deliver your best shot.

Public service

Without fear or favour : 50 years of Singapore's Public Service Commission

Title:  Without Fear or Favour
Author: Warren Fernandez
Call Number: 352.63 FER

A coffee table book from PSC
 Goh Keng Swee: A Public Career Remembered

Title:  Goh Keng Swee: A Public Career Remembered
Authors: Barry Desker, Kwa Chong Guan
Call Number: 959.57 GOH (not at A-cubed)

Dr Goh Keng Swee (1918-2010) will always be seen as a giant among the founding fathers of independent Singapore.  Dr Goh contributed as Defence Minister, Education Minister, and was a key architect of Singapore's economy, and even significantly influenced our cultural landscape.  This compilation makes clear the immense range of Dr Goh's contributions through public service, and hopefully inspires you to similarly consider public service.  A must-read for PSC Scholarship applicants.

 Pioneers Once More

Pioneers Once More
Author: Chua Mui Hoong
Call Number: 351.5957 CHU

This book is the first about the Singapore Public Service as a whole, and tell the story of the Public Service from the time Singaporeans took over the reins of self-government from the British in 1959. It is written from the perspectives of the men and women who make up this institution. Again, hopefully the accounts inspire you to consider public service.

Title: Hearts of Resilience
Author: Asad-ul Iqbal Latif
Call Number: 352.63 FER

This book is useful for: 
  • Understanding more about Singapore's community engagement programme.
  • Students who, in particular, are interested in a public service career

Specific ministries / statutory boards

 Image of Home Team Journal Issue No. 4 

Title: Home Team Journal 2013 Issue No. 4
Author: Ministry of Home Affairs

This book is useful for: 
  • Understanding more about community partnerships in Homefront Security and Safety
  • Students who, in particular, are going for a Singapore Police Force career or scholarship
  • Soft copy is also available here.

Title: Many Hearts for Home
Author: Ministry of Home Affairs

This book is useful for: 
  • Finding out more about Home Team volunteers
  • Students who, in particular, are going for a Singapore Police Force career or scholarship
  • Soft copy is also available here.
 40 years of the RSAF  our people, our air force.
Title: 40 Years of the RSAF
Author: MINDEF

This book is useful for: 
  • Finding out more about the Republic of Singapore Air Force, especially its history of 40 years.
  • Students who are interested in a SAF career, in particular in the RSAF

Title: Partnering to Rebuild
Author: Asad-ul Iqbal Latif

This book is useful for: 
  • Finding out more about SAF's experience in Iraq
  • Students who, in particular, are interested in a SAF career
  • Soft copy is also available here.

Title: Urban Transformations 

Author: Singapore Consultancy Firms
Call Number: 307.12 URB

Read this if:

  • You're interested in architecture or urban planning
  • You want to find out more about the work local architectural firms have done at home and abroad
  • You want an insight into the processes, planning approaches and strategies that guided these projects
  • Or, you're interested in a URA Scholarship
     Heart Work 2 - EDB & Partners: New Frontiers for the Singapore Economy

Title: Heart Work 2

Call Number: 338 EDB

Read this if:
  • You are interested in EDB or MTI work
  • You want to learn what EDB is planning to ensure Singapore remains future-ready so that it can be a home for high-growth industries of the future.

Title: The Singapore Foreign Service The First 40 years

Author: Gretchen Liu
Call Number: 371.426 LIU  (not in A3 corner, on open shelf)

Read this if you're interested in Foreign Service / MFA