JC Scholarships

Scholarships tenable during your two years in Victoria Junior College

There are many junior college scholarships which outstanding VJC students can apply for.  These scholarships aim to recognise the achievements of the students in the 'O' level examinations and/or JC1 examinations.  Most scholarships below also look out for students with excellent co-curricular activities (CCA) record.

Click on the links provided below for more details concerning eligibility and applications -- you also need to know what you are applying for! 
For scholarships administered by MOE and VJC, applications are done online at the respective web sites; there are no forms to submit through VJC.

There is a briefing for all JC1s during Orientation.  You may want to wait till the briefing is over before you actually submit the application. You can log in first and explore, and also look at the essay question required.


Scholarships administered by MOE
The available scholarships are summarised in the table below.  Please click on the links for other details, including subject prerequisites at A level for the Humanities, Language Elective and Regional Studies Programme Scholarships.   You apply online directly through the MOE website.

You need a Singpass to apply for these scholarships, and the Singpass application can take 7 -12 working days.
We advise you to apply for Singpass today if you don't have one, even if you are writing the application essay later.
Do scroll to the bottom of this page to look through the pdf file MOE Pre-U Scholarships User Guide 2017 to help you in your application process.


'O' Level Requirements

2017 Deadline


MOE Pre-University Scholarship 

EL + Mother Tongue + R5 ≤ 8           24 Feb Singapore Citizen (SC) or parent is a Singapore Citizen
Humanities Scholarship
Outstanding 'O' level results, at least a B3 in English           24 Feb Singapore Citizen
Language Elective Scholarship
(French, German or Japanese)
Outstanding 'O' level results + B3 in    French, German or Japanese           24 Feb Singapore Citizen
Regional Studies Programme Scholarship Outstanding 'O' level results + B3 in Malay (Special Programme) or Bahasa Indonesia
          24 Feb Singapore Citizen
An essay is required for the above scholarships.  Put in some thought when writing it.  In addition to ensuring it's free from grammatical errors, ask if you are displaying some maturity or insights.  Else, if your essay is a superficially written one which any other student can also write, why should you be shortlisted and not other applicants instead? 
Save a copy of your essay you submitted for reference when you are shortlisted for the interview.
All students are also reminded to contact Mr Caleb Ho (ext 143) once you are notified that you are shortlisted for a MOE interview.

Scholarships administered by VJC



2017 Deadline


^VJC Scholarship in Appreciation of Mrs Lee Phui Mun

Have done consistently well in school; Good O-Level or equivalent results. Good CCA/ViA contributions

JC1 Mar

Singapore Citizen (SC) or parent is a Singapore Citizen

VJC Scholarship   

Have done consistently well in school; Good JC1 promo results; Good CCA/ViA contributions

JC2 Jan

Singapore Citizens (SC) or parent is a Singapore Citizen

VJC Sports Excellence Award

Excellent contribution in the area of sports

Nomination by college


 ^ Invited students may apply via VCSD from end February (to be announced during school assembly and via email).  Please check email for more details.  Students should also have active CCA involvements in both secondary school and VJC.  Students who miss the academic requirements by just a little, but are exceptional in some other area, can still apply.  We will look at all applications on a case-by-case basis.

Other scholarships / awards  



2017 Deadline


DSTA Junior College Scholarship                                                                                                        Note:                                                                 > Please inform the school that you are applying            using the following link:                       https://goo.gl/forms/O48a5uwEclD6CGPX2

Application link:

O level L1R5 ≤ 8 or equivalent results; Science stream with keen interest in Physics / Mathematics. Interested in exploring Defence Engineering/ Research. Apply directly via the DSTA online portal.

Not concurrently a recipient of A*STAR JC Science Award or ST Engineering YEP.

         Opens JC1;            Deadline extended to 26 Feb
Apply online directly to DSTA

(Please contact Mr Caleb Ho when you have been shortlisted for interviews)

Singapore Citizen; includes school-based internships, workshops, and/or research offered by DTC                                                                           

A*STAR Science Award (Junior College)

Note:                                                                > Please inform the school that you are applying using     the following link:                       https://goo.gl/forms/O48a5uwEclD6CGPX2

>  If you need a copy of the nomination form, you may     collect a copy from locker 68 before 8 Feb.

Outstanding academic performance in Science and Mathematics and a passion for research; Nomination by school only.

Not concurrently a recipient of DSTA Junior College Scholarship or ST Engineering YEP.
           Opens JC1;                   Feb/Mar          Nomination by college

(To apply, please submit application form to
Mr Tee by 8 Feb)

Singapore Citizen; includes a five-week research attachment during year end vacation

ST Engineering Young Engineers Programme (YEP)

Must offer both H2 Physics and H2 Mathematics; Passion for Engineering and Technology; Excellent CCA record, demonstrating strong leadership qualities

Not concurrently a recipient of A*STAR JC Science Award or DSTA Junior College Scholarship.

       Opens JC1;         Mar/Apr

Singapore Citizen; includes a work attachment during year end vacation

Singapore Police Force Book Prize

Outstanding academic results and CCA records; Good leadership qualities; strong passion in defence-related issues; Active in community service

Opens end JC1 and closes 31 Dec 2017

Singapore Citizens or PRs; opportunity to attend SPF events and exclusive visits to some Police establishments

Singapore Armed Forces Young Leader Award

Outstanding academic results and CCA records; Good leadership qualities; Strong passion in defence-related issues; Active in community service

Opens early JC2 and closes 31 Jan 2018 

Singapore Citizens or PRs; Guaranteed scholarship interview for overseas studies. Internships with MINDEF/SAF

 JTC Book Prize

Outstanding academic results and CCA records; Good leadership qualities; Interested in job shadowing opportunity at JTC at end of JC1

Opens end JC1

Singapore Citizens; Includes a job shadowing opportunity during year end vacation and may be offered a conditional undergraduate scholarship

You can approach the following teachers if you have any queries: 

 General enquiry & VJC Scholarships   Mr Ho Wei Kang (Head, Scholarships and Career Guidance), ext 125
 MOE Humanities Scholarship, Regional Studies Programme  Scholarship  Ms Goh Hui Hua (HOD Arts), ext 158
 MOE Language Elective Scholarship, SAF Young Leader Award  Mr Teo Gene-En (Head, English Literature), ext 127
 A*STAR JC Science Award, SPF Book Prize  Mr Jonathan Tee (Science), ext 176
 MOE Pre-U Scholarship, DSTA JC Scholarship, ST YEP   Mr Caleb Ho (Science), ext 143 (except 6 Feb to 18 Feb)
 Mr Ho Wei Kang, ext 125 (for 6 Feb to 18 Feb)
 JTC Book Prize  Mr Kenji Li (Humanities), ext 127
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