Welcome to the Victoria Junior College Scholarships Guide.                                                                                                                    
This website is a reference guide for those of you who are interested in JC and undergraduate scholarships offered by various organisations.   
To seek advice on scholarship matters, JC1 students can go to "Teacher Advisors" and approach any teacher there. 
For JC2 students, you would have been assigned to one teacher if you are in the Scholarship Programme;  the rest of the students have one teacher assigned per class -- this teacher will act as your resource person for the rest of JC2.

For JC1 students (2019 Jan)

JC1 (including VCA Year 5) students applying for MOE Pre-U Scholarships, Humanities Scholarships, Regional Studies Programme Scholarships, Language Elective Scholarships, A*STAR JC Science Award and the DSTA JC Scholarships, please go to JC Scholarships.


For JC2 and graduated students

On the left, you can click on "Undergraduate Scholarships" for a list of organisations which award scholarships. We have plentiful more useful information for those in VJC only at the "restricted access" link (you will need your google @vjc.sg account to log in), like how you can prepare prior to writing the application essay or going for the interview.  So, explore away using the various resources linked here.

To apply for scholarships, go to BOTH the scholarship organisation's website (eg. EDB, PSC, NUS, DSTA, MAS etc -- many links can be found here)  and  Bright Sparks (this is a one-stop station for many scholarship organisations).   The details (deadlines, procedure, documents needed etc) will be available at one of the sites or both.
Make sure you find out about their deadlines and not consider the application only at the last minute and miss the application window.
Students who apply for scholarships, we would appreciate it if you could let us know the results of your scholarships applications.
Please click here. (It will take just a few minutes.)
Please feel free to send us your suggestions, questions and comments.

Career and Scholarship Guidance

The Scholarships Committee comprises 10 teachers, who coordinate and conduct various events and activities.   A programme has been put in place to:

1. Help all students explore career and scholarship opportunities.

2. Identify and nurture interested students for JC and undergraduate scholarships.

In addition, at the beginning of JC2 each year, about 15% of the college population are identified for Project EdVantage, which is the college's mentoring programme for scholarship and university matters.
It is never too early to start thinking about the future!
Victorians can refer to the "More on Scholarships (restricted access...)" link for a timeline.