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Workshops At-A-Glance
- Thursday

Registration - 7:45 - 8:20             Lunch – 12:00 – 1:00

Opening Remarks and Keynote: 8:20 - 9:30; Room Oscar Wilde 1 & 2

Effective New Approaches to Student Learning and Teacher Training

 Bob Goodman

Workshop Choices



10:45 – 11:40



3:20 – 4:15

Workshop # A

What You Should Know

Gateway 1

Cybertraps for the Young --

Frederick S. Lane

 Personalizing Learning:

Dan French & Elaine Pinckney

VITA-Learn/NHSTE Volume Purchasing Savings Program

Cyndy Currier

Learning Finances in Virtual Worlds

Anthony Daniels

Authentic Demonstrations of Teaching Practice

 John T. Stroup,

Workshop # B

Elementary Integration

Gateway 2

Communication and Collaboration with BuddyPress.

Eric Hall

Kindergarten In The 21st Century?

Sharon E. Davison

Community Connections

Dan Greenleaf & Kay Marcelle

Young Explorers

Jo-Anne P Smith


Technology Integration in Kindergarten

Cheryl King

Workshop # C

Google for You

Northstar 1

Google Tools in the Elementary Classroom “

Bonnie Birdsall

Google in the Middle

Lisa Barry


Google Apps: Engaging Students

Elizabeth McCarthy & Maggie Eaton

Google Tools to Support Geo Spatial Learning

Dave Davidson

Creativity, Innovation, Critical Thinking & Google

Lucie deLaBruere

Workshop # D

New Trends

Northstar 2

Textbook?  Why not an IPOD?

Bill Holiday


1:1 In a 5th Grade Classroom

Jennifer Bloomingdale

Teaching Online

Jeff Renard


Develop, Get Organized, Be Ready

Jessica Wilson

Professional Learning Network Using Social Media:

Michael Clark

Workshop # E

In the Know

Escapade 1

Picasa in your Classroom

Charlie Wilson

Dynamic Podcasting

Maria McCormack

Free & Legal Media for Teachers/Students

David Wells

Deploying 1:1 with iPads

Rob Gervais

Great Classroom Videos-

James Valastro

Workshop # F

Our Friendly Vendors

Escapade 2

Managed Service Provider (MSP): District?

Bob Collie, Education Networks of America

Integrating Video Conferencing and WhiteBoard Technology Into the Classroom

Dr. Lance Ford, Cisco

ePub for iPad

Brad Edwards, Wild Branch Solutions


SMART Classrooms Tour

John Kozlowsky & Bryan-St john Schofield,  SMART

Balancing Learning and Security in a Web 2.0 World

Dennis Delaney


Workshop # G

Visit the Vendor Presentations


The Benefits of Classroom Audio Technology

Tom Gilmartin, Lightspeed Technologies, Inc.

Audiobook Access for Students with Print Disabilities

Jennifer Dougherty and Jayme Donndelinger,  Learning Ally

Interactive White Boards and Beyond:  Promethean ActiveClassroom

Kathleen Tan, M.Ed.


Assistive Technology for Free, Loan or Donation

Sharon Alderman


MimioClassroom: Creating a 21st Century Classroom

Brian O’Mara , New England Sales Manager, Mimio (Gov Connection)