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Conference Strands

Thursday Strands

            The workshops have been divided into strands to better allow you to select workshops to meet your interests.


            Strand                                                                        Room

Strand A –What You Should Know                             Gateway 1      

Strand B  - Elementary Integration                             Gateway II

Strand C – Google for You                                         Northstar I      

Strand D – New Trends                                              Northstar II

Strand E -  In the Know                                              Escapade I

Strand F – Vendor Presentations                                Escapade II

Strand G – Vendor Presentations                               Roundabout

Friday Strands


            Strand                                                                                    Room

Strand A – On the Edge                                                          Gateway I                  

Strand B  - Middle/High School Integration                            Gateway II

Strand C – Vermont eLearning Project                                  Northstar I

Strand D – Tools for Teachers                                                Northstar II

Strand E -  Special Needs                                                        Escapade I     

Strand F – Transformation & Technology                              Escapade II

Strand G – Vendor Presentations                                           Roundabout