2011 Conference

Vermont 1:1 School Conference
Date:  Monday, Sept. 26
Location:   Lake Morey Resort, Vermont

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Having a laptop for every student is the goal of a one-to-one program.  Are you running a one-to-one program in your classroom or school?  Are you planning to start one?  Come meet with other teachers and administrators and share information on starting, running, and maintaining a successful one-to-one computing initiative.

Keynote - “From Madness to Method”
Eric Bird
Eric is the lead trainer from Digital Wish and will kick off the day
He will share insights gained by managing 24 separate 1:1 computing programs through the e-Vermont initiative.

15 Sessions, 15 Opportunities to Learn!

We’ll have guest speakers from schools across the state of Vermont who are already implementing advanced 21st century learning initiatives. There will be informational workshops, across 3 different time slots, taught by educators who are working every day to transform classroom learning.

A Journey Well-Worth the Effort.  Heidi Baitz, Ludlow Elementary

Deploying 1:1 with Ipads. Rob Gervais, Enosburg Middle/High School

Transforming your classroom through a 1:1 initiative.  Kathy Hevey, Hunt Middle School

Collaboration! - The possibilities, the challenges and the logistics of bringing personal learning tools to an entire middle school.  Dana Peterson, Woodstock Union Middle School

Navigating a 21st Century Classroom through a 1 to 1 Initiative.  Kathy Gallagher and Brent Truchon, Edmunds Middle School

5 Reasons, 5 Challenges, and 5 Myths.  Keith Nemlich, Manchester Schools.

From 30 to 115 personal computers and beyond.  Jean Campbell and Jen Botzojorns, Mount Mansfield High School

Open One to One.  Bryant Patten, Orange East School District

What about the Pedagogy - Panel Discussion.  Paul Irish, Burlington School District

Opportunity Knocks: A State Initiative on One to One Computing.  Peter Drescher, Vermont Department of Education

After the Hardware is Delivered - 1:1 Classroom Integration with Lessons, Units, and Online Tools.  Megan Krohn, Digital Wish Northern Trainer

Building a 1:1 Program from the Ground up.  Eric Bird, Digital Wish Lead Trainer

Leadership as a Driving Force.  Heather Chirtea, Digital Wish Founder

From Hesitation to Confidence, Deb Partridge, United Christian Academy

Networking Sessions

  • How do you prepare Parents for their child bringing laptops home? 
  • What grade is a good starting point for a 1:1 program? 
  • How do I manage laptops in my classroom, now that we are planning a 1:1 program?
  • What professional development activities, models, or processes are schools using to help teachers prepare for a 1:1?
  • Should we use netbooks, notebooks, laptops, or iPads, or does something else matter more?
  • How do we convince the community that this is important for them?
  • How are schools addressing the concerns of internet safety and digital citizenship in their 1:1 program?
If these questions are of interest, join your colleagues for open discussion sessions between presentations on these and other topics.  Select from any of 10 different topics and gather for an intimate moderated discussion with a dozen of your peers. Solve complex problems, learn about funding streams, strategize planning, or just listen. Share stories, ask questions, and build relationships that will support you throughout the coming school year.  Session topics include:

  • Classroom Management
  • Devices, Alternatives, and Future Options (Open 1-1)
  • Internet Safety
  • Parents as Partners
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Community Support
  • Curriculum and Resources
  • Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Sustainability, Budgeting, Funding

Lunchtime Mash-Up
Pick a number from a hat to determine your lunch table seating.  Sit with educators whom you otherwise may never have met. You will come away with new contacts, peer mentors, and meet others who are part of the growing support network of 1:1 educators in Vermont.  

Closing Keynotes - “Stories from the Trenches”
Each presenter will tell a 3-5 minute story that taught them a hard-won lesson on implementing 1:1 computing. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll inevitably repeat the best stories to your staff back at school!  Join us for a very practical day of professional development and networking.


* Meet, Greet, and Register  8:00 - 8:40
Continental Breakfast

* Keynote - “From Madness to Method”  8:40 - 9:15

* Learning Workshop 1   9:30-10:20

* Networking Topic 1  10:20-10:50 

* Learning Workshop 2    11:00 - 11:50

* Networking Topic 2  11:50-12:20

* Lunchtime Mash-Up   12:30-1:30

* Learning Workshop 3  1:45-2:35

Closing Keynotes - “Stories from the Trenches” 3:00-4:00
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