V.I.T. CUSD #2

              Thank you for a GREAT 2014-2015 
                                                                                     See everyone again on August 17th. 
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V.I.T. CUSD#2 
Vision Statement

The vision of the V.I.T. School District is to empower students, staff, and community through the integration of technology in educational programs: (1) to become lifelong learners of the 21st Century; for career, family, and community responsibilities, and (2) to gain higher order thinking skills to achieve optimal intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and moral development.

General Informational Contact Information:

District/Elementary Information: 309-758-5138

Junior and Senior High Information: 309-758-5136

Email All Board Members:  vitboe@vit2.org

If you are not sure who to contact via email:
Click Here:  info@vit2.org

The New Website
This year the school district has moved to a new webpage and educational platform called Google Apps for Education. The application suite includes a webpage builder at no cost to the district. Each website will now be taken care of by the staff member(s) that are the focus of each page. This main District Home page is managed by the District Technology Coordinator, Mr. Aaron Bucher. Each principal will manage their building's pages and teachers will manage their own pages. We believe that ownership in something will improve the outcome. We hope that as the staff become comfortable using this new technology, you will find it to be user friendly and full of the information that you need from the district office all the way to your child's classroom teacher. Please be patient and understanding as the teachers learn how to create amazing and useful webpages over the next few months.

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Superintendent's Message 2014-2015

Welcome to the V.I.T. School District’s new webpage.  I want to wish everyone a great start to the 2014-2015 school year.  Our district may be small, but in 2014-2015, we have the theme that V.I.T. is a place where Education is a BIG Deal. We have continued to add to the quality of the educational environment. With new key staff members, increased technology opportunities, and the implementation of Study Island for 2014-2015, this year will continue to build on our theme.  

    Our new Junior High-High School Principal, Ms. Korsmeyer, has been an outstanding educator in this district for many years.  Her classroom leadership will certainly carry-over to how she leads her staff and students through the coming year. We also have a new dean of students at the Elementary School. Mr. Klaska earned his Masters' in Educational Administration and has been given an opportunity to gain experience as a member of the administrative team for this school year. 

    As always, we are open to visits from students, parents, and community members regarding our schools. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call or stop-in to discuss them.  

    After our first year in the district, my children and family have come to enjoy the communities and schools.  We understand the positives that a small school setting provides for students: smaller class sizes, greater interaction between students and teachers and an opportunity to make great friends. We are all looking forward to this coming school year – we hope you are as well.