About us

Visual Success was founded by a group of technology industry veterans with over 20 years experience each on a basic premise, that professional Java coders code 2 to 4+ times faster and more efficient than entry level coders.  Many studies have confirmed this fact related to Junior vs. Senior technical resources.


You probably would quickly agree you don’t go see a nurse for brain surgery.  Why? Specialization, experience, and communication are critical to defining a “professional resource” – no matter what field of expertise.  Visual Success specializes in Java, and Java Related Technologies, period.  Because we only focus on Java we can spend 100% of our recruiting effort time constantly day-in, day-out looking for Java professionals - we save the time/effort of looking for a “Database Administrator” one day and “Java” expert  the next day.  Due to the laser like direction we are experts in the Java field, and we only will hire similar expertise.  We focus on one thing, Java, so we can be the best at it.


Unfortunately, most companies and staffing organizations are ill equipped to determine what is a professional Java resource during the interview process.  Today’s candidates are experts at “google-ing” phone-tech interview answers, and have even had friends take the phone-tech for them – causing significant problems to the normal recruiting cycle.  Obviously, hiring inexperienced resources tends to cause multiple problems, starting with the need for rework, lost time, lost money, and wasted internal efforts.  In many cases lack of experience can actually slow down project progress and we have actually had clients tell us some coders were literally trying to write from scratch various combinations of SPRING, STRUTS, HIBERNATE or other JAVA frameworks - without ever being aware of the huge waste in time and money!


Visual Success tech team members actually architect, lead, mentor, and yes of course actually code every day.  So when we present you a candidate we actually (yup, its true) tech test them personally, we reject over 80% of the applicants we receive.  In fact we have a 1 to 10 scale rating for technical and communication we receive - so if you can choose whatever level of skill/communication you want.  As an example one way we prevent interview “google cheating” is by asking Sun Certified Java Programmer questions via skype, and also ask for real-time web coding during our interview, as well as other proprietary interview techniques.


So, if you want a Rock Star Java professional, give us a call.