1 six week grading period

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Certification, College Credit, Digital Badges 

E-Portfolio Production

Service Learning

Ted Talks
How Giant Website design for you and a Billion others too

Transcript with Discussion Questions

Software/Apps/Cloud Based Services/Content Management Systems
Adobe Dreamweaver to create web pages
Adobe Photoshop to create web graphics
ArcGIS Online to create interactive maps & Web Apps
Adobe Acrobat Professional to create Digital Presentations and PDFs
Cloud Based HTML5 Platforms - Blogs
Adobe FLASH 2-D animations
Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

Topics in Career Technical Educaton - Careers:
Sharing Presentations on Google Drive 
  -What are your Strong Points

Identifying Transferable skills
Experience - Certifications
Software Knowledge

Topics in Web Publishing & Media Design:
Responsive Design
Coding  HMTL 4 & HTML5       CSS           JavaScript      FTP