Common Core Standards for Mathematics (Spanish) -- Coming Soon

Standards for Mathematical Practice
The eight Standards for Mathematical Practice follow all grade levels, from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  These practices are the foundation of all mathematics education and lay the groundwork for students to become logical, critical thinkers with creative problem-solving skills. 

CC Standards for Math Summary

For more detailed explanations of these Practice Standards, please click here.  

How to Read the Standards
Math Standards are organized by Domains and Clusters.  The Domains represent the broad areas of mathematics (e.g. Geometry or Operations in Base Ten).   The Clusters define general skills or knowledge under each Domain, and the Standards themselves are grouped under these Clusters.  

The Domains change as students progress from Kindergarten through Grade 12.  Each new grade level addresses more complex Domains building upon previously learned content and skills.  The chart below shows how these Domains follow each grade level.  (Click on the pictures below to view larger images).  
K-5 Overview

6-8 Overview