A Message for 3B & a Prayer!    


      As sugar and flour came together to make

a wonderful cookie creation that you bake.

Parents and teachers join as one to create an educated son or daughter. 


      It takes lots of love, caring, and understanding but an individual will emerge who is special notwithstanding. 


    We will all work to help each child bloom, so that he or she can grow and prosper in this coming school year.


    So I share a little confection with you as I say, I am committed to help your child grow each and every passing day.


    We’ve joined together the students of 3B and a teacher as this New Year begins, a year full of learning while we become friends.


   So God of knowledge and wisdom bless the students of 3B this year.  Help them learn kindness and compassion; respect for themselves and others; and remind them that wherever they go, you are always with them.  Help them discover the joy of learning so that they can better be equipped to be your servants.


Amen & God Bless,



Mrs. Lo Sardo


Author:  Mrs. Lo Sardo & an unknown





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(610) 539-6080
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Mary LoSardo,
Jan 23, 2017, 10:56 AM