Homework Assignments

 Good, better, best.  Never let it rest.
 'Til your  good is better and your better is best!"            - St. Jerome 
Code :  P6PQC (Scholastic Online Orders)
Friday, May 18, 2018
Independent study is a must as final tests/performance tests are soon being administered; additionally, study guides will be forthcoming.
Vocabulary:  5/22 -All Theme 5 words L-21 to L-25
Rel:  5/21 Liturgical Test from Easter to Assumption of B.V.M....
FYI:  The Terra Nova results will be sent Monday as it was an oversight on my part.
Thank you for your understanding.
Test folder
Religion: Study RelCB Liturgical notes..test on Monday.
SS: Destinations due May 30th;
Math: Do Page 1 packet
Study X tables=Mastery testing
Reading:  Study!!!Theme 5 Vocabulary- Test Tuesday 5/22/18