Home Prep/Assignments

Code :  P6PQC (Scholastic Online Orders))
Monday, October 23, 2017
Saint Report:  
NOTE:  Font 14 or 16; Indie Flower, comic Sans, or Times New Roman.  Include image of saint on report; @ end= THE last line:  St.___, pray for us! 
Rel:Study Revelation notes!!!!
MathStudy mult. tables---quiz coming! 
Spelling:  "Tic-Tac Toe" on loose leaf! Due Thurs.
English:  Checkpoint= Wednesday on S/P, and direct object and diagrams of these.
FYI: Saint costumes are due Monday, October 30th- note change.
Box Tops for Education-collecting.  Due 10/26!

TEST/QUIZ Schedule:
Friday:  NO school.
Thursday:  Spelling T2-L6; Vocab; story comprehension.
Wednesday:  Grammar checkpoint-S/P, Diagrams-S/P/DO and adjectives
Tuesday:  Science Lab/experiment using process skills and method