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Choir Rules

1    Name

    The name of the Society is  Kapiti Chamber Choir Incorporated (“the Choir”)
    The Choir is constituted by resolution dated 19th March 2008.

2    Definitions

Annual General Meeting means the Annual General Meeting of members of the Choir which is to be held within the first three months of each Financial Year

Choir means  Kapiti Chamber Choir Incorporated

Committee means the Committee of the Choir elected in terms of the Rules

Financial Year means the financial year of the Choir which shall be from 1 February to 31 January of the following year

Financial Review
means a review of the annual accounts of the Choir, carried out by a suitably qualified person appointed for that purpose by the Committee

Member means any person who has been admitted as a Member by the Committee in terms of the Rules (see Rule 4)

Rules means these rules, being the rules of the Choir

Written Notice means hand-written, printed or electronic communication of words or a combination of these methods

3    Purposes of the Choir

    The purposes of the Choir are:
3.1    to foster and encourage the public performance of music as a cultural, educational and recreational activity, especially the performance of choral music;
3.2     to provide opportunities for the general public to listen to and enjoy music in performance;
3.3    to advance music education, through developing the choral skills of members, and extending the general public’s understanding of music
3.4    to do anything necessary or helpful to the above purposes.

Pecuniary gain is not a purpose of the Choir.

4    Members

The Committee, at its absolute discretion and on such terms and conditions as it decides (which may include the payment of an annual subscription as determined by the Committee), may admit a person as a Member of the Choir or cancel a Member’s membership. The Committee may establish differing classes of membership of the Choir.

5    Conditions of Membership

Application for membership shall require completion of a form, detailing name, postal address, email address (when available), phone number(s), voice part and musical experience.

Applicants for membership must be able to demonstrate musical and vocal competence to the satisfaction of the Music Director.

Members must be financial as determined by the Committee.

Any Member not attending at least 80% of practices, or two of the last three practices held before a concert or performance, shall not be allowed to participate in the concert or performance unless the Music Director can be satisfied (in such manner – including an audition – as he/she may require), that the Member is competent to participate in the concert or performance. The decision of the Music Director will be final.

A roll of attendance shall be kept. It is the responsibility of Members to ensure their presence at practices is recorded in the roll of attendance.

In exceptional circumstances, the Music Director may invite, as guest singers, persons who, by reason of their competence and experience, will enhance a performance. Such guest singers will be exempt membership fees.

In considering applications for membership, the Committee may:
(i) Offer the applicant immediate membership;
(ii) Invite the applicant to participate as a probationary singer, which will be reviewed prior to the completion of the current session;
(iii) Inform unsuitable applicants that their application is declined.

6    Cancellation of Membership

A Member’s membership shall be cancelled by the Committee:
(i) On the expiry of fourteen days after  written or oral resignation from the financial Member is received by the Committee
(ii) Subject to the discretion of the Committee, upon failure to pay the subscription for the current year within the time prescribed by the Committee;
(iii) In the event that vocal and musical standards are not maintained to the standards required by the Music Director;
(iv) For failure to adhere to the Music Director’s discipline.

7    Meetings of Members

An Annual General Meeting of Members(AGM), at which financial accounts (which have been financially reviewed) shall be presented, will be held each Financial Year. Fourteen days prior notice of the meeting shall be given in writing.

The AGM shall be conducted under Westminster rules.

The AGM shall elect a Committee comprising a Chairperson, Secretary,  and Treasurer, and  up to a maximum of five additional Members.

The Committee may call a Special General Meeting of Members for any purpose. Seven days prior notice of the meeting shall be given in writing.

The Committee shall call a Special General Meeting of Members on receiving a request, signed by at least 10 Members, stating the object of the meeting. Not less than fourteen days prior notice of such a meeting shall be given in writing to financial Members by the Committee.

All financial Members may attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting and at Special General Meetings.

Fifty per cent of financial Members shall comprise a quorum for an AGM or Special General Meeting.

8    The Committee

The Committee, at its absolute discretion, shall manage the affairs, hold and/or dispose of the assets, maintain the records of, open or close bank accounts, authorise Committee members to operate on bank accounts and take such actions as it may decide are appropriate or necessary in the interests of the Choir or in the furtherance or achievement of its Objectives.

The Committee may appoint any other Member to fill any vacancy on the Committee.

The Committee may invest funds in any registered bank.

The Committee shall appoint a suitably qualified person to be the financial reviewer for the Choir.

9    Music Director

The Committee shall appoint a Music Director on such terms and conditions as may be agreed between the parties.

The Music Director shall, ex officio, be a member of the Committee and have the same rights and liabilities as other members of the Committee. However, in the case of any matter of remuneration or benefit for the Music Director, he/she shall have no right to vote.

The Committee, after seeking the advice of the Music Director, may appoint an assistant to the Music Director and a Pianist, as required.

The Committee may appoint an Administrator and a Librarian, who shall ex officio be members of the Committee..

10    Pecuniary Advantages

No Member shall receive any pecuniary advantage from being a Member of the choir except, with the approval of the Committee, a Member may be reimbursed any reasonable or necessary cost  incurred through acting on behalf of the Committee.

11    Winding Up

A Special General Meeting of Members called for that purpose, or, if such a meeting fails to achieve a quorum, the Committee, may decide that the Choir shall be wound up.

If a decision is made to wind up or dissolve the Choir, and any property remains after the settlement of the Choir’s debts and liabilities, that property must be given or transferred to another organisation for a similar charitable purpose or purposes as defined in section 5(1) of the Charities Act 2005.

12    Signing of Documents

The Choir shall have a common seal.

A document shall be executed on behalf of the Choir if:
(i) The common seal is attached to the document; and
(ii) The document is signed by any one of the Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer, and countersigned by one other member of the Committee.

13    Alterations to the Rules

The Choir may alter or replace these Rules at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting by a resolution passed by two-thirds of those Members present and voting.

When a Rule change is approved by the Choir, the Committee shall cause the Rule change to be filed with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies, in the required form. No Rule change shall take effect until this is done.