Queen’s Birthday Weekend

1-4 June 2018

At Performing Arts Studio, Pataka, cnr Parumoana & Norrie Street, Porirua

  1. Entry is open to all school-aged students.  Door entry is free, but to help defray costs donations are welcome.
  2. Competitors enter in the Festival class (non-competitive) OR Competition classes, but may not enter in both.
  3. Competitors in a Recital class may also enter Competition classes but may not present the same music.
  4. Entry Fees:  Solos  $10.   Duos/duets/ensembles  $5 per person.  Recital 5 mins. $15; Recital 10 mins. $20; Recital 20 mins. $30
  5. Late entries attract a late fee of $5 per entry class.
  6. Each performer will receive a written report
  7. Award placings will only occur in the competition classes.
  8. If an accompanist is required, this must be organised by the entrant.  A backing accompaniment track (not the solo line) may be used in the Festival (class 1). The competitor must provide any equipment required (other than the piano).
  9. For all competition classes copies of the music to be performed must be available for the Adjudicator on the day of the competition.  Photocopies are acceptable for this purpose and should be in excellent condition.  Please note that all photocopies will be destroyed after the event.
  10. Adjudicator’s copies must be clearly labelled with the Class number, number in the class (in the top right hand corner) and underneath this, the competitor’s name.  The teacher’s name must not be visible to the adjudicator.
  11. The awarding of any certificates, trophies, cups or prizes shall be at the discretion of the Adjudicator whose decision is final.  Major prizes and trophies will be presented at the Showcase Concert on Monday evening 4 June. 
  12. In each class each competitor is limited to one piece or one movement from a suite or sonata, with the exception of the Recital classes.
  13. For ensemble items, the class is determined by the highest school year of the student group.
  14. Unless advised to the contrary, competitors accept that their name, photograph or video footage may be included in any results published and/or used for publicity.
  15. Closing date for entries is Friday 11 May.  Entries via the Internet are preferable and internet banking to (Kapi-Mana Music Festival Charitable Trust  02-0548-0095770-00).  Written entries and cheque payments are also acceptable and must be posted to Carolyn Rait, 3 Leeward Drive, Whitby 5024


            Non-competitive (Festival)

            1.         Any age, level, instrument.  (Certificates presented to all performers)

            Competitive – Award placings

            Junior Classes:  Students between school years 1 and 5

            2.         Junior Class:                                         Piano Solo

            3.         Junior Class:                                         String solo

            4.         Junior Class:                                         Wind or brass solo

            Intermediate Classes:  Students between school years 6 and 8   

            5.         Intermediate Class:                                Piano Solo, under Grade 3

            6.         Intermediate Class:                                Piano Solo, Grade 3 and above

            7.         Intermediate Class:                                String solo, under Grade 3

            8.         Intermediate Class:                                String solo, Grade 3 and above

            9.         Intermediate Class:                                Wind or Brass solo

            10.        Intermediate/Junior Class:                      Duet/duo

            11.        Intermediate/Junior Class:                      Ensemble – three or more competitors  

            12.        Intermediate/Junior Class:                      NZ/Australian/Pacific Composer – any instrument or


            Senior Classes: Students in school years 9 – 13

            13.        Senior Class:                                        Piano Solo, under Grade 4

            14.        Senior Class:                                        Piano Solo, Grades 4-6 incl.

15.        Senior Class:                                        Piano Solo, grade 7 and above

16.        Senior Class:                                        String solo, under Grade 4

17.        Senior Class:                                        String solo, Grades 4-6 incl.

18.        Senior Class:                                        String solo, Grade 7 and above

19.        Senior Class                                         Wind or Brass solo

20.        Senior Class:                                        Vocal Solo

             21.        Senior Class:                                        Duet/duo

            22.        Senior Class:                                        Ensemble – three or more competitors  

            23.        Senior Class:                                        NZ/Australian/Pacific Composer – any instrument or


            Major Recital (competitive):  Prizes

            24.        Recital:   5 minutes                               Test piece, plus 2 or 3 other own choice pieces

            25.        Recital:  10 minutes                              Test piece, plus 2 or 3 other own choice pieces

            26.        Recital:  20 minutes                               Test piece, plus 2 or 3 other own choice pieces