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Kapi-Mana Music Festival Competitions 2017


 Most outstanding string performer             Benjamin Sneyd-Utting

Most outstanding string performer             Laie Vatuvei

(under 3 years tuition)

Most outstanding pianist                             Benjamin Carter

 Most promising string performer                Toloa Faraimo

Most promising pianist                                Angelica Clarke

Most promising ensemble                          Virtuoso Strings Octet

 Senior (Secondary school)

Most outstanding Senior musician       Benjamin Sneyd-Utting

Most promising Senior musician          Jonny Bourne

 Senior String solo (restricted)               1st Fay Nafatali; 2nd  Avia Lemisio; 3rd EJ Roebeck

Senior Piano solo, under Grade 4        1st Sanjeet Palukuri,2nd Elisaia Kasiano, 3rd Katelin Cheung

Senior, piano solo Grades 4-6 incl       1st Jonny Bourne; 2nd Emma Peirce;3rd Sarah Armitage

Senior, string solo                       1st Benjamin Sneyd-Utting; 2nd Jessica Jenkins; 3rd Toloa Faraimo

Senior, vocal solo                        1st Kitty Sneyd-Utting; 2nd Natalie Ingram

Senior duet/duo                            1st Angelica Clarke & Emma Peirce

Senior, Wind solo                       1st Amos Manktelow; 2nd Natalie Ingram;  3rd Taylor Robinson

Senior, Jazzy piece                        1st Virtuoso Strings Quartet (Toloa Faraimo, Avril Stil, François Tamaiva, James Pese Akerise); 2nd Virtuoso Strings Quartet (Avril Stil, Ataahua Pakaurangi, Avia Lemisio, EJ roebeck); 3rd Joseph Sison                                                           

Senior, piano solo, grade 7 and above  1st Benjamin Sneyd-Utting; 2nd William Berry;                                                                                        3rd Ben Kennedy

Senior Ensemble                         1st Virtuoso Strings Ensemble (Avril Stil, Erana Tamaiva, Kitty Sneyd-Utting, Daniel Sneyd-Utting, Benjamin Sneyd-Utting, Tiare Tamaiva, James Pese Akerise);           2nd Virtuoso Strings Quintet;  3rd Sneyd-Utting Trio


Intermediate (school years 6-8)

Most outstanding Intermediate musician        Benjamin Carter

Most promising Intermediate musician          Perry Xie


Intermediate Strings solo (restricted)   1st Tiffany Kenyon; 2nd Xavier Ngaro; 3rd Lotoalofa Filo

Intermediate Piano solo, Grade 3 and above  1st Benjamin Carter; 2nd Perry Xie;                                                                                                               3rd Chee Cheng Law

Intermediate String solo             1st Cordelia Waldron; 2nd  Jillian Tupuse; 3rd Rochelle Pese Akerise

Intermediate Wind solo                1st  Hannah Francis

Intermediate Duet/Duo               1st Andrew Cheng & Chee Cheng Law (piano duet); 2nd Jillian Tupuse& Veititi Alapati (violins); 3rd Imogen Waldron (cello) & Cordelia Waldron (piano)

Intermediate Jazzy piece              1st Rochelle Pese Akerise & Annie Baxter; 2nd Jillian Tupuse & Claudia Suailua; 3rd Tuhina Sambhus

Intermediate Ensemble    1st  Rochelle Pese Akerise, Jillian Tupuse & Veititi Alapati; 2nd Lina Tamaiva, Edward Sneyd-Utting & Suia Faraimo


 Junior (School years 1-5)

Most outstanding Junior musician       Yasha Potanin

Most promising Junior musician          Imogen Waldron


Junior Piano solo (restricted)     1st Dylan Gao; 2nd Xiangyi Liang; 3rd Imogen Waldron

Junior Strings solo (restricted)  1st Oceana Takao; 2nd aie Vatuvei; 3rd Suia Faraimo

Junior Piano solo                         1st Yasha Potanin; 2nd Tamara Nguyen; 3rd Edward Sneyd-Utting


Junior Strings solo                       1st Anjali Chu; 2nd Edward Sneyd-Utting; 3rd Imogen Waldron

Junior Brass solo                         1st Hugo Carter


Test pieces

Piano test ‘The Swan’           1st Molly Zhou;  2nd Makaela Cheung; 3rd Elisaia Kasiano

Strings test ‘The Swan’        1st Benjamin Carter; 2nd Rochelle Pese Akerise; 3rd François Tamaiva 

Winds test ‘The Swan’          1st Hannah Francis; 2nd Natalie Ingram      


Vocal Test ‘A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square’          

                                                    1st Kitty Sneyd-Utting; 2nd Natalie Ingram  


Test above Grade 5 – ‘Meditation by Massenet’

                                      1st Benjamin Sneyd-Utting;  2nd Toloa Faraimo; 3rd Daniel Sneyd-Utting;                                                                    VHC  William Berry