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Students are expected to be fluent with their basic multiplication when they enter fourth grade. Many students are not practicing more than 2 or 3 times a week. This is not acceptable. Here are some websites where they can practice:

5 May 2017

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We are wrapping up Where We Are in Place and Time and starting to think about Sharing the Planet. Here are a few highlights of the week.

  • We published and shared our biographies with each other. Ms. Ruta is going to display our biographies in the library.
  • We reflected on how learning about individuals has inspired each of us to take action. 
  • We used visual models and numerator-denominator relationships to compare fractions and find equivalent fractions.
  • We learned how to find a "sit spot" and sit quietly in order to observe nature.
  • We played a food chains game and learned the meaning of food chain.

21 April 2017

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Welcome back after the break.  I hope you had a nice week.

Some things happening in 3J this week:
  • We have started weekly multiplication tests. Please practice multiplication facts every night.
  • We began a math unit investigating fractions. Please read the attached letter below.
  • We are continuing our research and beginning to write biographies. How has the world been impacted by the person we've been studying?
  • It was Earth Week at VIS. What change can you make to take care of our Earth?
  • Ms. Lina from Baltijos Vilkas came and talked about how humans and wolves and other mammals can live together without conflict. This was a great presentation because it goes with our current and next unit. How do volunteers like Ms. Lina and others at Baltijos Vilkas change the world in which we live?
  • Don't forget!! Journal entries are due every Friday!!!!
Next week is is dress like a book character day on Tuesday. Also, try to take some "extreme" reading pictures this weekend.

YouTube Video

7 April 2017

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Spring is in the air in 3J, and sometimes that brings a lot of emotions to the surface of children (and adults). As a class, we have been taking some time to remind ourselves of important core values. 

One of these values is kindness. We reread the book Have you Filled a Bucket Today? Here is a version of the book that I found online, if you would like to carry the discussion forward at home.

Another discussion we had was about having a growth mindset. Here is a video we watched.

YouTube Video

11 March 2017

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We are wrapping up our How We Express Ourselves unit.  We will celebrate with an art exhibition on Friday, 17 March at 14:00 in the Blue Room. Please come sometime between 14:00-and 14:30 to view the student art work and find out how people communicate and interpret creative expression.

  • We took a geometry math test.  We also had a visit from Sofia and Nora in fourth grade.  They taught us how to do number talks.  We all need some refreshers with subtraction with regrouping, so we will be practicing number talks more often.
  • We continued to think about how we used the elements of our art form to express ideas and feelings.
  • We had a special speaker to talk about the multicultural history of Lithuania.
  • We reviewed what it means to take action and added some student action to our action board.
  • We drafted our stories and started to revise them. We also reviewed the new writing rubric that is attached below.
  • We had our dance performance for P.E.

6 traits rubric.docx

23 February 2017

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We are in week two of How We Express Ourselves. We are learning how individuals find inspiration for their creative expression. They are also learning to interpret art pieces and listen to other people's perspectives on how art affects them. Each student has chosen an artistic medium to research more deeply and to create some piece of art. On Friday, 17 March, we will have an exhibition of our artwork. Stay tuned for the time of our art show.

Other things happening this week:
  • We have been doing a lot of planning for story writing. Ms. Brigita came and shared about how she finds inspiration for writing stories. We also used graphic organizers (which we call maps) to plan our characters, setting, problems, and solutions. Next week, we will start drafting.
  • We learned some vocabulary regarding visual art: color, value, texture, form, shape, space, and line.
  • In mathematics, we have drawn and measured angles. We learned that angles are measured in degrees, and that 90 degree angles are called right angles.
  • We began planning for our student-led conferences next Saturday, 4 March. 
  • We practiced 10 new, "no-excuse" spelling words: red, book, name, most, such, pretty, anything, people, another, together.
  • We talked about how we might share what we've learned during "Genius Hour" and who our audience might be. 

27 January 2017

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This is the last official week of our How We Organize Ourselves Unit. Though we will continue to use our critical thinking skills and understanding of persuasive techniques throughout the year (and, hopefully, our lives), the major focus of our time in class will pivot to How We Express Ourselves.  Please read the unit letter at the bottom of this post and take time to go over the vocabulary with your child.

This week  in 3J:
  • We grew our understanding of tenths and hundredths and used a variety of models to work with decimals. We took a unit test about place value and decimals.  Look for our math test in next week's Friday Folder.
  • We published our persuasive writing projects. Some of us wrote letters, others made posters or videos. 
  • We went on a field trip to Delfi and learned about how they decide what stories to write and how they check their facts. 
  • We wrote contracts for our next round of Passion Projects. We learned about 21st Century skills by watching the video below.

YouTube Video

Parent letter HWEO.docx


20 January 2017

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Here is what has been happening in 3J this week:
  • In math, we have been rounding and investigating very large numbers (in the hundred-thousands and millions) as well as getting introduced to decimals. Next week, we will continue to investigate models for decimals in the tenths and hundredths.
  • We have continued to plan, draft, and revise our persuasive writing. Students chose the way they want to present their writing.  Some are making videos, posters, and presentations. Others are writing letters. We are learning to create strong hooks, valid reasons, and elaborate on those reasons.
  • We have discussed how media images can be altered and how they can perpetuate stereotypes. We also discussed how these images and stereotypes can impact how boys/men and girls/women see themselves.  I encourage you to continue this discussion at home.  Here is a video we watched.

YouTube Video

  • In reading, we continued to discuss fact and opinion and looked for examples of opinions within informative writing.

13 January 2017

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It was great to see everyone back in 3J after a long break. Some things that happened this week...
  • We investigated large numbers (up to the millions) and compared population sizes of cities and countries.
  • We learned how writers often mix opinion and fact. We practiced distinguishing between fact and opinion in articles and books.
  • We discussed what makes good and great reasons for our arguments in persuasive writing. We learned to use transitions to blend our ideas together in writing.
  • We learned about contractions in English. For example, is + no --> isn't; will + not --> won't; etc.
  • We watched a brainpop movie about Media Literacy. We used our "Skepticles" to help us see what an author's message or bias might be.

Homework for Friday's Journal

posted Jan 11, 2017, 5:18 AM by Jessica McColly

This week, please write your journal entry about a type of media you viewed. Write in PARAGRAPH format with topic sentences, details, and a conclusion.  Answer some or all of the following questions in your journal entry.

  • What's the message of this piece of media?
  • Who created it?
  • What biases might they hold?
  • What effect do they hope their message will have?

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