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What is the difference between a Virtual Recruiter and a Virtual Organization Recruiter? A Virtual Recruiter only works in a "virtual" environment, whereas, a Virtual Organization Recruiter works in a "100% virtual organization" environment AND specializes strictly in the sourcing and recruitment of candidates who are able to adapt and thrive - and Lead - in either a virtual or 100% virtual organization environment. In other words, a Virtual Organization Recruiter does not conduct searches for "brick and mortar" employees. 
How do your services differ from typical executive search or recruitment firms?  Excellent question. First and foremost, we DO NOT conduct searches for BRICK AND MORTAR positions. As well, we are primarily a provider of Virtual Organization Aptitude Assessment services to large employers, including governments and educational institutions, who want to formally assess their current employees and candidates in order to determine if they have the potential or are able to COLLABORATE AND LEAD in a virtual or 100% virtual organization environment. 
How long does it take to fill a Virtual Organization Leadership position? The typical amount of time it takes to fill a standard brick and mortar position Plus an additional 13 weeks (90 DAYS) for the Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Assessment, Training and Certification part.  
Who pays for the assessment of VOR internal candidates? VOR pays for its own candidates. We require all employers to pay for the cost of assessing candidates and VOR is no exception to the rule. 
I am applying for an internal position at VOR. Can I participate in the 90-Day program at VOMI Virtual Organization Academy AFTER I have received and accepted a job offer? YES: If you successfully complete the VOMI Executive-In-Residence Program offered at VOMI Executive-In-Residence ( :: :: ) 
As a candidate for an internal position at VOR, do I have to go through the same virtual organization recruitment and assessment process listed on VOR's website that you offer to your clients? ABSOLUTELY YES. It's essential that we ALL LEAD BY EXAMPLE instead of by slogans, advertising, and marketing hype.  
Is VOR a 100% virtual organization? YES. 100%. We Practice What We Preach! 
I am interested in a position at VOR, is it really possible for me to work for VOR from anywhere in the world? YES. 
With respect to compensation, will my pay be based on where in the world I am located?  NO. The fees for our services are not based on where our clients are coming from, therefore, it would be unfair to pay our employees based on where they live. Your pay is based on the compensation structure we have in place for the position you applied for, regardless of where in the world you are located. All compensation is paid in US dollars. This means that everyone who works for VOR receives equal treatment.  
Do you also offer virtual organization recruitment and/or assessment services to governments, military branches, law enforcement agencies, and educational institutions? YES, regardless of where in the world they are located.  
Do you conduct recruitment for "brick and mortar" positions? NO. 
With respect to virtual executive recruitment services, does VOR work on a contingency basis? NO. All services must be "FULLY PAID IN ADVANCE". This policy is NON-NEGOTIABLE.  
Are you a registered Federal Contractor with the United States government? NO. We offer the same business terms to every single organization in the world. 
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