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Virtual Organization Executive Recruitment

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We screen and recruit executives (Existing Staff or New Hires) who will be working STRICTLY  in a Virtual or 100% Virtual Organization  environment.   (Please note that we do NOT recruit executives for strictly "brick and mortar" positions - Contact your own recruiter.)   This process includes: 
  • A VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION EXECUTIVE SEARCH ::   We conduct an extensive search for virtual organization executive candidates in accordance with best virtual organization recruitment practices, policies and procedures of the virtual organization recruitment discipline. 
  • BASIC (4-HOUR) VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION APTITUDE ASSESSMENT ::  Candidates are also administered a written Basic Virtual Organization Aptitude Test which is immediately followed by an Oral Evaluation Exam.

Please Note:   We recommend this type of search ONLY when you are considering bringing on board a Senior Level Executive who ALREADY HAS a substantial amount of experience working in either a REMOTE,  VIRTUAL, or 100% VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION environment for a GLOBAL ORGANIZATION.    Otherwise, we suggest that you consider one of the following menu solutions:  1) VO Leadership Search, Assessment & Certification, or 2) On Demand VO Leadership Assessment & Certification.