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VO Leadership Search, Assessment & Certification

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We conduct HIGH LEVEL executive searches, training, assessment and certification of Executive Level professionals (DIRECTOR, VP and C-LEVEL Executives)  WHO WILL  LEAD  almost exclusively in a 100% VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION environment.  Each successful participant will be awarded the Certificate of Completion and the prestigious VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION LEADERSHIP EXECUTIVE designation.   (Please note we DO NOT recruit executives for BRICK AND MORTAR positions.) 

This process includes:
  • A VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION EXECUTIVE SEARCH ::   We conduct an extensive search for virtual organization executive candidates in accordance with best virtual organization recruitment practices, policies and procedures of the virtual organization recruitment discipline
  • A BASIC (4-HOUR) VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION APTITUDE ASSESSMENT::  Each candidate that you select is administered a written Basic Virtual Organization Aptitude Test which is immediately followed by an Oral Evaluation Exam. This test is designed to determine whether or not a candidate has the "potential" to adapt and thrive in either a virtual team or flexible workplace environment.
  • A 5-DAY LIVE VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION CANDIDATE ASSESSMENT::  The candidate is then assigned to participate in a 100% virtual, 5-day virtual organization project that is designed to draw on his/her individual strengths, education, background and experience.
  • 90-DAY VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION LEADERSHIP EXECUTIVE TRAINING, ASSESSMENT & CERTIFICATION::   Our partner, VOMI Virtual Organization Academy, then trains, assesses and certifies the Executive.