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On Demand VO Candidate Assessment

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We assess each candidate (EXISTING STAFF or NEW HIRE) you individually select, irrespective of the position, on an a la carte basis, in order to determine if the candidate is able to Collaborate  and Thrive in a Virtual or 100% Virtual Organization environment.   This process includes:
  • A BASIC (4-HOUR) VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION APTITUDE ASSESSMENT::  Each candidate that you select is administered a written Basic Virtual Organization Aptitude Test which is immediately followed by an Oral Evaluation Exam. This test is designed to determine whether or not a candidate has the "potential" to adapt and thrive in either a "virtual" or a 100% "virtual organization" environment. 
  • A 5-DAY LIVE VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION CANDIDATE ASSESSMENT::  The candidate is then assigned to participate in a 100% virtual, 5-day virtual organization project that is designed to draw on his/her individual strengths, education, background and experience. 
Please Note:  This assessment will only be conducted on a current member of your staff or a NEW HIRE effective their official employment starting date or later.   This test will NOT be conducted on anyone who has merely received an employment offer which is contingent on the successful completion of this assessment.