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On Demand VO Candidate Assessment

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We assess each candidate (Existing Staff or New Hire) you individually select, irrespective of the position, on an a la carte basis, in order to determine if the candidate is able to Collaborate and Thrive in a Virtual or 100% Virtual Organization environment. This process includes:
  • A BASIC (4-HOUR) VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION APTITUDE ASSESSMENT::  Each candidate that you select is administered a written Basic Virtual Organization Aptitude Test which is immediately followed by an Oral Evaluation Exam. This test is designed to determine whether or not a candidate has the "potential" to adapt and thrive in either a "virtual" or a 100% "virtual organization" environment. 
  • A 5-DAY LIVE VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION CANDIDATE ASSESSMENT::  The candidate is then assigned to participate in a 100% virtual, 5-day virtual organization project that is designed to draw on his/her individual strengths, education, background and experience.