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The following VOMI Virtual Organization Academy partner opportunities are immediately available worldwide:

  • Review :: The Triumph of Failure :: And the Defeat of Success 
  • Review ::  Exclusive Guide for Investors in The New Virtual Organization World


Your organization will evangelize, develop your own business development strategy, and recruit Industry Executives, Public Policy Executives, Researchers, Investors, and Faculty Members into the Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment and Certification Program at VOMI Virtual Organization Academy.  Develop global high-level contacts and form alliances with key decision-makers and other stakeholders at leading corporations,  governmental institutions, public policy entities, and educational institutions worldwide. 

Qualification Requirements

Must be one or more of the following seeking to enter the virtual organization management  industry in a big way:

  • a high-level consulting, management, and business development company;
  • or a leading association;
  • or a very  influential social media, marketing, or management consulting practice; 
  • or a large,  high-level social network or social network group; 
  • or a leading educational institution
  • or corporate trainer with organizational development or related practice;
  • or a leading venture capital firm or investor group;  
  • or a leading association    
Please do NOT apply if you do not meet the foregoing requirements.

To Apply for the VOMI Virtual Organization Academy Partner Program