The Ultimate Destination for Future Virtual Organization Leadership Executives 

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About VOMI Virtual Organization Academy

VOMI Virtual Organization Academy is the world's ultimate and only destination for Future Virtual Organization Leadership Executives in any field or industry.

We offer an On-Demand, 90-Day,  One-On-One, 100% Experiential Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment and Certification Program exclusively designed for Executives in industry,  government and academia who want to learn HOW TO LEAD in a 100% Virtual or pure Virtual Organization environment.
Founder of VOMI Virtual Organization Academy

Pierre Coupet, Architect of The New Virtual Organization World
Pierre Coupet, the 
founder of VOMI Virtual Organization Academy,  is also the founder of the modern virtual organization management discipline pioneered since 1997.

He is also the founder of VOMI (“Virtual Organization Management Institute”), VOMI Global Think Tank, VOMI Executive-In-Residence, The New Virtual Organization World Consortium, Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium,  Virtual Residential Community Consortium, League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives as well as the leading Architect of the Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a Civilized World Financial System and a host of other virtual organization initiatives.

Why a VOMI Virtual Organization Academy?

To guarantee the success of each Virtual Organization Executive appointment and the fulfillment of your organization's Virtual Organization mission instead of having to rely on a candidate's good faith efforts and profuse assertions of ability to LEAD a virtual organization and either stand there to watch your Executives totally self-destruct or wind up having to make highly disruptive and very costly interventions.  

Our Mission

Develop a cadre of Virtual Organization Leaders who are able to Collaborate AND Lead in a 100% Virtual or pure Virtual Organization environment.  They learn to adapt and thrive intellectually, psychologically, ethically and practically within a virtual organization environment.  A One Man-One Woman Army in an Army of One™.
The Virtual Organization Infrastructure Architecture Program
immerses each candidate into a replica of the actual VOMI virtual organization environment; allows each candidate to build and master their own environment;  and serves as the foundation for the development of more sophisticated virtual organization infrastructures.

The Virtual Organization Management Training Program
begins immediately on your first day at VOMI Virtual Organization Academy.    You are assigned a Mentor-Partner to work with directly.  During this period, you will be challenged intellectually, psychologically and professionally as you learn to simultaneously rewire your thought processes and maintain peak technical and professional performance in a 100% virtual organization environment. 
The Virtual Organization Code of Ethics Program
reinforces indispensable a priori ethical values that strengthen the fabric of the virtual organization and which are vitally important for the maintenance of virtual organization cohesion.   Candidates learn to subscribe and live by a set of a priori ethical values which translates to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."    
Virtual Organization Academy Admission
is extremely competitive, on demand,  and is open to all executives and professionals worldwide.  
Cost of Admission into Virtual Organization Academy
  • USD $15,000                  

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