Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between VOMI Virtual Organization Academy and Virtual Organization Management Institute?  

VOMI Virtual Organization Academy targets a very niche audience -  Middle Management and Senior Level Executives from industry, government and academia who seek to learn HOW TO LEAD in a 100% Virtual or pure Virtual Organization environment.  

Whereas Virtual Organization Management Institute is focused on graduating secondary school students and independent students who are interested in obtaining an alternative education and seek to learn the virtual organization management discipline.

Who Are Your Clients?

We are trusted advisors to the organizations and institutions we serve and value their privacy.....therefore, we do not care to reveal their names or engage in any sort of hype about who else is doing business with us.   This is a practice reserved for consulting firms competing with other firms....we are not a consulting firm and the service we provide does not compete with others in the marketplace who call themselves virtual management or virtual team consultants.   We are a highly competitive trade secret for your organization, are highly privileged to quietly partner with you in the background, and respect your privacy. 

Are You a Registered Federal Contractor with the United States Government?

NO and DON'T want to be.  We have a universal ordering and billing system for all clients worldwide.  

I Would Like to Schedule a Meeting with Someone in Order to Go Over our Unique Needs in the Areas of Virtual Workforce Selection and Hiring.  Who Can I Talk To?  

Contact our partner,   Virtual Organization Recruiter ("VOR").   VOR is uniquely qualified and designed to address your needs.

What Is the Total Cost of This Program?

The total cost of this program is USD $15,000.  

Is the VOMI Virtual Organization Academy program 100% virtual?

Yes, that is the whole idea behind the program - How to operate in a 100% virtual organization environment.  Not just a virtual environment, but a real, live 100% virtual organization. 

Can I come to the United States in order to participate in this program?

Yes you can, however, you will have to make all the necessary arrangements on your own and at your own expense which includes immigration, legal, travel, lodging, transportation to the US,  and local living and utility arrangements.    It's an excellent opportunity to come to the United States and enjoy the local scenery and culture after hours.     

If I decide to come to the United States, do I have to come to Southern California?

No.  As far as we are concerned, you can go anywhere in the US or in the world as long as you have reliable high-speed internet access on a 24-Hour Basis with a MINIMUM of 5 Mbps UPSTREAM BANDWIDTH and other tools needed.  The only advantage to coming to Southern California is that you may have an opportunity to meet the founder of VOMI as well as get a personal tour of Northern and Southern California, if time allows it.    

Can I participate in this program on a part-time basis?

NO.    We require a minimum of 5 days a week (Monday- Friday) working on a full-time basis for all executives and academics.   

Can I Work on Projects for My Employer or My Own Small Business as Part of This Program? 

NO.  This would ultimately require us to act  in a consulting capacity,  learn about your business and needs,  spread us in a thousand directions, and be totally contrary to what this program is all about.    

How do I get started with the VOMI Virtual Organization Academy program?

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