Fantasy Football Expert, Sam Hendricks, Busy This Month

1) Appearing weekly as an Expert in the “Ask the Expert” column for Fantasy Football Index magazine. Available online at


2) Asked to participate in an Expert competition.

12 Fantasy Football Experts are competing for #1.


They all bring different projections, strategies, and philosophies.

Each has reputation at stake and a website to defend.

But there can only be 1 champion.


This season watch how the experts play at

See Sam’s interview, blog answers and Expert draft and season long competition at



3) See Sams’ expert rankings and draft in Fantasy Football Diehards Magazine out the end of July.


4) Look for Sam’s Expert rankings and commentary on pages 54-71and his Mock Auction results and commentary on pages 78-83 of Fantasy Football Index magazine at newsstands now. Note that 4 of 11 other owners named Sam’s team as the “team to beat.” Other owners getting 4 votes were Scott Pianowksi of Yahoo Sports and David Dodds of