Past Events 2012-2013

October 17, 2012
Dr. Papin gave a talk entitled:
"Systems Biology: Applying the Power of Computation to Biology in the Genome Era"


Biological and medical sciences have been revolutionized with the ability to generate an immense amount of data in a single experiment.  We can sequence entire genomes and measure the activity of thousands of corresponding genes, proteins, and metabolites with exquisite precision.  However, a burning question is emerging… what can be done with this ocean of data?  Computation and mathematics are providing tools to make predictive models of cells to address significant challenges in the biological and medical sciences…Which proteins should be targeted with a drug? Which genes should be manipulated to engineer a particular cellular function?


September 26, 2012

Dr. Stan gave a talk entitled:
"Nanoelectronics: A Circuit Designer's Perspective"