Basic Course Information

University of Virginia – Curry School of Education
Course Syllabus: EDIS 3450 – Teaching with Technology (3 cr.)
Section 5: Mondays, 5:00 - 7:30pm
Location: Ruffner Hall 237
Instructor: Bert, Twitter: @BertJacoby
Office: Ruffner Hall 158, Office Hours: By appointment

Course Summary

Course Description

This course provides pre-service teachers with a hands-on overview of technological tools that can be integrated and applied in a classroom setting to enhance the facilitation of teaching and student learning. The aim of this course is to provide the knowledge, training, and practice necessary to help you become teachers who innovate with technology. Technology is no longer optional in the field of education; it is indispensable. Through the completion of this course and the remainder of your courses at the Curry School of Education, it is expected that you will be able to demonstrate mastery of the Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel required for Licensure from the Virginia Department of Education, available here.


While there are no official prerequisites to take this course, it is expected that you have basic computer literacy skills and minimal software competency. Basic word processing skills, the ability to send and receive e-mails (including attachments), and the basic use of the internet for locating information are necessary for this course. If you are not comfortable with any of these proficiencies, or if you need review, it is your responsibility to contact the instructor within the first week of class.

Course References

All course information (announcements, links, articles, discussions, etc.) will be available through email or on the course website: Collab is not used during this course.

Required Course Materials

All students are required to come to class with a fully-charged laptop computer each week. You cannot rely on being able to plug your computer in during class. It is recommended that you have a portable data storage device (i.e., flash drive), but it is not required. You will be required to have a account. All students will receive an invitation to join a shared Dropbox folder during the first class at their UVA email address. If you already have a Dropbox account with another email address, please let me know so that I can share to that address. It is also advisable to download for technical support throughout the semester. If you own a smartphone, iPod touch, or tablet device, please bring them with you to class each week. All students are required to have an account at Chalk & Wire, available from the University Bookstore.


Academic Integrity

The policies and procedures of the University of Virginia Honor System will be strictly followed in this course. The honor system requires that all work be pledged: “On my honor as a student, I have neither given nor received help or assistance on this assignment.”


Because EDIS 3450 is largely experiential, attendance at each class meeting is mandatory. If you cannot avoid missing a class for whatever reason, please know that you are still responsible for turning in your work on time and for any material or information covered in class. Participation in class discussion and lessons is an integral part of your attendance grade. All absences will result in a reduction of your attendance/participation grade. Attendance will be taken each week.


Students should strive to model professionalism: complete all readings and assignments before class, be on time, be prepared for all class sessions, participate actively, listen attentively, and be sure to manage your cell phone appropriately. You certainly wouldn’t want your elementary students surfing the web, sending IMs, playing on social networks, and working on other assignments during class.


Each assignment is due by the date indicated on the class schedule. Assignments submitted late will be subject to a late penalty of 10% reduction of the assignment grade per day late. Assignments will not be accepted more than one week after the due date. Lesson Outlines are due at the beginning of class, submitted into the class Dropbox folder. Technical difficulties are not a sufficient excuse for late work.


Readings are to be completed prior to class meetings.


Students are expected to participate in small group and whole group discussions in class. Failure to participate will result in a reduction of your attendance/participation grade.

Special Needs

If you are a student with special needs, please inform the instructor during the first week of class.

Assignments and Grading

Attendance – 10%

A loosely defined set of considerations: Attendance and successful participation in class means being prepared with required materials, being engaged, and being a positive influence in class meetings and group interactions, as well as completing the readings each week. There may be short, in-class or online quizzes based on the readings and content covered in previous classes. These quizzes and as well as small weekly homework assignments count towards your participation grade.

Lesson Outlines – 40%

You will be required to submit lesson outlines through out the semester for each core subject area. For more information on Lesson Outlines, please click here.

MicroTeaching – 20%

The MicroTeaching Experience is an opportunity for you to be the teacher in the class and treat your classmates as your students. More information about this will be provided in class and on this page.

Projects – 30%

You will be required to complete two class projects during the semester. Each project will count as roughly 15% of your course grade. More information about the projects will be provided in class and on this page.

Grading Scale

 Grade Range Note
 A 93 or above  
 A- 90 or above 
 B+ 87 or above 
 B 83 or above 
 B- 80 or above Lowest passing grade for credit 
 C+ Less than 80 

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