Section 05 Monday

 Name MicroTeaching Subject Puppet Pals
 Wendy Chang February 23 Language Arts Conflict Resolution & Conflict Resolution
 Rachel Dalkin April 27 Science Eating Healthy & Eating Healthy
 Julia Gilliam April 27 Science  Bullying PSA & Cyber Bullying
 Courtney Goodloe April 27 Science  Stay in School Abe the Cop & Stay in School Abe
 Kate Hudson April 13 Social Studies Stay in School Abe the Cop & Stay in School Abe
 Brianne Imperial April 13 Social Studies Conflict Resolution & Conflict Resolution
 Lindsey Kaler April 13 Social Studies Stranger Danger & The Internet is Not Safe
 Angie Kim February 23 Language Arts Try New Things & Try New Things 2
 Monica Kohler February 23 Language Arts Eating Healthy & Eating Healthy
 Shannon Mason April 13 Social Studies Learning about Respect & Learning about Respect Part 2
 Amy Matt March 2 Mathematics Mother Earth & The Earth is Suffering
 Kelly McLemore March 2 Mathematics Eating Healthy & Eating Healthy
 Dani Mullis April 27 Science  Seatbelt & Seatbelt
 Jenne Nurse April 27 Science  Stranger Danger & The Internet is Not Safe
 Bella Pinchuk March 2 Mathematics Seatbelt & Seatbelt
 Caroline Porter March 2 Mathematics Mother Earth & The Earth is Suffering
 Lauren Scofield March 2 Mathematics Be Nice & Kindness Reminder
 Natalie Stearman February 23 Language Arts Bullying PSA & Cyber Bullying
 Patty Van Aalsburg February 23 Language Arts Try New Things & Try New Things 2
 Kelsie Zipprich April 13 Social Studies Learning about Respect & Learning about Respect Part 2