Each student will be responsible for completing a MicroTeaching experience. The MicroTeaching experience will be an opportunity for you to practice teaching a future elementary school class with your Curry peers acting as your elementary students. Your MicroTeaching experience should last about 10 minutes.

Your MicroTeaching experience should last about 10 minutes. You will be required to teach part of a lesson and to provide any materials necessary. At the beginning of the experience, you will discuss with your classmates their "role" in the experience; e.g. grade level, subject matter, prior knowledge, etc. Set the tone for the activity. Following the experience, we will have a 2-3 minute discussion about what has happened.

Lesson Plan
I encourage you to utilize your lesson outlines for the MicroTeaching experience; this is not a requirement, just a suggestion. Feel free to use something from another class if you'd like, or something entirely different. But no matter what, plan ahead! Use this opportunity to test ideas of your own and learn from your classmates. You may select any 10 minute chunk from a lesson to use for your MicroTeaching, but it must include the use of technology!

Your MicroTeaching experience will be filmed in the class. Video of your experience will be made available to you after class for you to view and reflect. A personal reflection (one-page, double spaced) of the experience, based on your own feelings during teaching and your private viewing of the video, will be due prior to class the next week. Email the reflection to the instructor within one week of receiving your video.

Each student will be responsible for filming another classmate's MicroTeaching experience. The student who filmed the lesson is required to compress the video and provide it to the student who taught and to the instructor through Dropbox. Instructions for this will be provided in class and are available on the UVaCollab site "Classroom Video." A refresher on how to use HandBrake to compress your video is available here.

You will be assessed on your actual teaching and the reflection, not on the lesson plan that you selected. Failure to film, to compress, and to submit a video to your classmate and instructor in a timely manner will result in a reduction in your MicroTeaching grade.

I encourage you to practice your MicroTeaching activities. If you require access to the classroom, please contact me about scheduling during the week. The room is used for classes and meetings throughout the week. There is also a SMART Board available in Ruffner 125. A schedule of classes in in Ruffner 237 and Ruffner 125 is available here.

MicroTeaching dates are listed below. The dates are broken down by the content area on which the course instruction is based. Failure to teach based on your assignment will result in an automatic 50% reduction in the assignment grade. Please visit this site to sign up for your MicroTeaching experience time slot. You will select the subject and the month that you will complete it. Specific dates will be determined in class by volunteers or teacher selection.
  • Language Arts: February 23
  • Mathematics: March 2
  • Social Studies: April 13
  • Science: April 20
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Feb 27, 2015, 8:09 AM