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Lann specializes in dual-wielding weapons, especially swords.  His attacks are speedy, and in the battlefield, enemies are left breathless at his seemingly non-stop whirlwind of slashes and thrusts.  Because he relies on speed, Lann starts out wearing light armor. As he gets stronger, he learns how to wear heavy armor without impeding his quick movements.

Recommended for Beginners.

Windmill: can hit everyone around you to avoid getting surrounded.

Gliding fury: Uses fall back as its weapon to blow hard attack?

Dual spear weapon enhances Lann's specialization of speed attack to maximum.

As the Melee DPS of the group, it is Lann's responsibility to cause the most amount of damage possible. It's a simple explanation, but it's a bit harder than it seems. As with all classes, Lann's power lies in the skill of the person controlling him. Lann is also able to act as an off tank. If an enemy is aggressive toward a range DPS, such as Evie, it is Lann's responsibility to get the aggression towards himself, and lure the enemy towards the main tank.

Lann - Character description  

Lann Prologue - Long Clip

Lann spear skills

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