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Financial Aid

Application for Financial Aid is via the School and Student Service for Financial Aid of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).  VIMSIA uses this service to help assess a family’s eligibility for a tuition reduction. This service will help families feel confident that their request for financial aid is being treated objectively and professionally.

You must be a current student or have an application in as a new student to be evaluated for Financial Aid.

Financial Aid Application Process:

  1. Submit Financial Aid Application and a copy of your tax return to the school office for Financial Aid Review by Committee
    • New families can include this as part of your application package through Ms. Gomez
    • Existing families can return these documents to Ms. Paul or Ms. Huttel
  2. Submit Parent Financial Statement (PFS) and application fee (approximately $35) via NAIS website
The Financial Aid Review Committee will review the documentation.  Each application is discussed and weighted based on financial need, family involvement with the school, timely receipt of Financial Aid Application package, and prompt payment history.

    The NAIS financial aid service will review the PFS and recommend the amount the family can contribute. The VIMSIA Financial Aid Committee will determine a formula to meet these documented needs. Parents are invited to give additional information if they feel that there is still financial hardship.

    Financial aid is offered on a yearly basis. The Parent Financial Statement must be submitted each year that financial aid is requested.   Forms for the new school year will be due March 20 of the previous year.  Late applicants will be less likely to receive financial aid.
    Parent Financial Statement (PFS) forms can be filled out online at the School and Student Service (SSS) for Financial Aid website:   http://sss.nais.org/parents/ .         
    • Our School Code is 3667 - enter this number and click on the Search button.   

    Financial Aid forms can also be filled out manually and mailed in.   This process is slightly more expensive.   Hard Copy forms are available in the Administration Office.

    Once you have completed the SSS forms, the results will be sent back to our Administrative Office and you will be contacted for an interview.