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Preparing for Emergencies

     Many emergencies are out of our control, but how we react during those emergencies is important.  Our community has faced devastating tornadoes in the recent past.  The first tornado took us by surprise, but we learned many things about disaster preparedness and recovery because of it.   As a result, we were better prepared for the even more damaging tornado that hit our town a few years later.  

     I hope you will use the information provided here to educate you and your family about all kinds of disasters.  Children often look to their parents to determine the seriousness of a situation.  If parents are better prepared for emergencies, children will feel safer.  It is important to remain calm and reassuring when discussing these topics with your children.  

       Have a plan for emergencies, especial FIRE and TORNADO.  
      Discuss this plan with your family.  
      Practice putting the plan into action.