If the information provided on this page does not help your IT connectivity issue, then please schedule a follow up appointment in person via Klara Message with subject "I could not connect via televisit." Our front office staff cannot troubleshoot your IT difficulties.

No telephone calls will be made by the physician for patients that have any medical insurance coverage.

General trouble shooting for the mobile app

1. Close the app completely and restart your phone

2. Make sure the app store does not have an update for the DOXY app that you have not installed yet https://help.doxy.me/updates/mobile/how-to-update-your-doxyme-mobile-app-patient-and-provider

3. Make sure you are not using and close any other program such as facetime or skype which can take over your microphone and video

4. Make sure you have 3-4 bars or are using wifi

5. If you are still having issues, then try using a CHROME web-browser on a mobile or desktop device that has a camera and microphone

6. If you still cannot connect, please make a physical office visit appointment. The providers will not make phone calls

7. PDF guide with pictures on how to log in using app


General Questions

Minimum system requirements (you need a camera and microphone!): https://help.doxy.me/doxy-me-support/getting-started/minimum-system-requirements

How to update Chrome or Firefox: https://help.doxy.me/doxy-me-support/getting-started/how-to-update-chrome-or-firefox-to-latest-version

Don't Compete with another software! CLOSE skype and facetime and any other software that also uses your camera or microphone.

"I cannot see you but I can hear you"

"I cannot hear you but I can see you"

Choppy audio or video:

All else fails:
restart your browser

General: https://help.doxy.me/doxy-me-support

General How to Videos
How to use Chrome Browser for televisits

How to use a Firefox Browser for televisits

General How to YouTube Videos

How to use Chrome Browser for televisits

How to use a Firefox Browser for televisits