Your skin type determines your risk of skin cancer.  The Fitzpatrick Skin Type is a skin classification system that was developed in 1975 by Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick of Harvard Medical School.  His skin classification system is the most widely used today, and it is a tool used by dermatologists on a daily basis.  Your Houston Dermatologists use this to determine your risk of skin cancer.

The 6 skin types are:
 Type I     Always burns, never tans
 Type II             Usually burns, then tans
 Type IIIMay burn, tans well     
 Type IV    Rarely burns, tans well 
 Type VVery rarely burns, tans well, brown skin 
 Type VIVery rarely burns, tans well, very dark skin 

Skin types I and II are the most at risk for skin cancer and photoaging.

You can take this short quiz to help you determine your skin type.  The quiz uses your genetic disposition along with your reaction to sun exposure.  Add up the total points, and use the table at the bottom to classify your skin.

Genetic Disposition
Your eye color is:  
    Light blue, light gray, or light green = 0
    Blue, gray, or green = 1
    Hazel or light brown = 2 
    Dark brown = 3
    Brownish black = 4
Your natural hair color is:
    Red or light blonde = 0
    Blonde = 1
    Dark blonde or light brown = 2
    Dark brown = 3
    Black = 4
Your natural skin color (before sun exposure) is:
    Ivory white = 0
    Fair or pale = 1
    Fair to beige, with golden undertone = 2
    Olive or light brown = 3
    Dark brown or black = 4
How many freckles do you have on unexposed areas of your skin?
    Many = 0
    Several = 1
    A few = 2
    Very few = 3
    None = 4

Total score for genetic disposition: _______
Reaction to Sun
How does your skin respond to the sun?
    Always burns, blisters and peels = 0
    Often burns, blisters and peels = 1
    Burns moderately = 2
    Burns rarely, if at all = 3
    Never burns = 4
Does your skin tan?
    Never -- I always burn = 0
    Seldom = 1
    Sometimes = 2
    Often = 3
    Always = 4
How deeply do you tan?
    Not at all or very little = 0
    Lightly = 1
    Moderately = 2
    Deeply = 3
    My skin is naturally dark = 4
How sensitive is your face to the sun?
    Very sensitive = 0
    Sensitive = 1
    Normal = 2
    Resistant = 3
    Very resistant/Never had a problem = 4

Total score for reaction to sun exposure: _______

Add up your genetic disposition and sun exposure totals to find your Fitzpatrick Skin Type: ___________________

Skin Type ScoreFitzpatrick Skin Type
over 30V-VI

The most important things are to protect your skin from the sun and to schedule a skin cancer screening with a Houston Dermatologist.