Radiesse is comprised of Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHa) microspheres suspended in a smooth carboxymethylcellulose gel carrier.  Once injected, it provides immediate volume and correction, but it also continues to work by stimulating the body to produce its own natural collagen.  Over time, the gel is absorbed, and the body metabolizes the CaHa microspheres leaving behind only your own natural collagen.  Because it stimulates collagen, it can last a little longer than some of the other fillers, up to 12-18 months depending on the patient.  This is a robust filler that is used to treat moderate to severe volume loss.  Radiesse is also the only product that is FDA approved for treatment of volume loss in the back of the hands.  

The photos below show treatment results following a combination treatment with Radiesse and Belotero.  Schedule an appointment today to see if these fillers are appropriate for you.

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