Patch testing in Houston is covered by insurance. However, as with all procedures, if you have a deductible or a health savings account, you will be responsible for the cost of the procedure. The office can work with you to give you an estimate of the amount the procedure will cost. 

In general we apply somewhere between 70 and 120 allergens to the back, depending on how extensive a test is necessary.  People who use a lot of products, have had patch testing with the True Test (fewer allergens), or who are flaring despite avoidance of suspected allergens may need the higher number of allergens applied.  Each patch contains 10 allergens, so this means you will have between 7 and 12 patches on your back.  

If you would like to check with your insurance company prior to scheduling a patch testing appointment, here is the information you will need to find out:
  • Do you have a deductible remaining on your insurance?  A deductible is the amount you have to pay in a given year before the insurance company starts paying for your procedures.  If the answer to this is no, you do not have a deductible, then you are only responsible for your copay (typically $20-$70 for a specialist copay) which is listed on the front of your insurance card.
  • If you do have a deductible remaining on your insurance, you can find out from your insurance company approximately how much the procedure will cost you.  You can ask them how much the cost is for CPT code 95044, and that number needs to be multiplied by 70 or 120.  As an example, it is typically between $5-$9 each, which comes out to anywhere between $400 to $1000 total for the procedure.
Please keep in mind that we cannot control which patients have deductibles and which do not, as this is a result of your contract with the insurance company.  Also, we cannot bill differently to different patients, as this violates both your contract and our contract with the insurance companies, and can get both you and us kicked off of that insurance plan.