What is EdCamp

EdCamp is a place where teachers can bring their questions and share their experiences to improve the classroom experience for all students.

A Day at EdCamp
8:00-9:00 Arrival
Park at VCS and check in
Meet other outstanding educators and have some coffee and snacks (Thanks, Brendan at ThinkCERA!)
Grabs some PostIt Notes.On the Yellow PostIts, you will write topics you are curious about. On the Blue PostIts, you will write topics with which you have experience in the classroom. Put your PostIts on the board.
The organizers will curate the board and group the PostIts into session topics.
9:00-9:45 Session 1
Find an interesting topic on the board and attend that session. There are no leaders, just teachers asking questions, sharing experiences, and brainstorming solutions.
9:50-10:35 Session 2
Move to your second session. One of the rules of EdCamp is that you vote with your feet. If you are not learning in one session, move to another.
10:40-11:25 Session 3
Enjoy your third session. Be sure to connect on Twitter or email with the awesome educators you meet. Notes from each session will be shared on Google Docs.
11:30-12:00 Thank You's, Prizes, and Farewells
We are currently looking for wonderful sponsors to donate fun and helpful prizes to send home with attendees.