Welcome! to a small one way mirror that looks into my public life (private is restricted access only ;). 

at best I would like to define myself as an entrepreneur, author, software craftsman, contributor and speaker interested in cloud computing primarily with gae google apps and salesforce, enterprise java, scala and anything which touches the jvm. at my best I am a problem solver with a desire to make the complex simpler and understandable.

i am the co-founder and software craftsman at Inphina. here i am responsible for product development, exploring new and promising technologies, exploring best practices of distributed software development and contributing to the technology roadmap for the organization. i would like to believe that i am  a technologist at heart and is never too far away from the keyboard. i blog, have presented at various Technology conferences and written articles on Software development on 'Agile Journal' and 'The Server Side'. i am an Editor on InfoQ.com where i posts weekly about the latest and greatest in the community. i have trained scores of individuals and coached several organizations in India, Europe and US on Scrum and XP and effective engineering practices. i am a csm, cspo, scea, scbcd, scwcd, scjp and actively contribute to a few open source projects.

i have a Masters in Software Systems from BITS, Pilani, B.Tech in Computer Engineering and a degree in Business Administration. i have worked with several big system integrators like IBM, Mastek and Sapient. i was the driving force behind two startups Solutions Inc. and Xebia India which went on to become successful in their respective domains.

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