The View of the Child is an international cross-disciplinary network of teachers, researchers, architects, designers, historians, educators and curators interested in developing new participatory models of design in learning environments. It has developed methodologies for cross disciplinary working and has piloted experimental ways of working with children and young people as participants in design and research processes. 


About the network


The View of the Child was formed in 2005 as part of the EPSRC Design 21 initiative. It initially comprised an international group of fifteen members from a range of disciplines; practitioners and researchers of architecture and education, psychology, historians and an industrial partner with IT expertise. Connections with children were made by links with two primary schools in Norwich and Sheffield. 28 children participated directly in project activities at the schools, and the team also had access to an archive of over 30,000 pieces of work by children that had been entered for a national competition organised by The Guardian in conjunction with Dr Catherine Burke and Prof. Ian Grosvenor  to design  ‘The school I’d like’, described in the book (Burke and Grosvenor 2003). The project also engaged with architectural education, employing seven architecture students as facilitators working alongside school children.

AHRC Research Workshops Series: 'The Museum I’d Like'.

September 2007 - November 2008


Funded By: Arts and Humanities Research Council

Workshop Series

Four workshops hosted museum and gallery venues operated during 2007-08. A final open conference to disseminate results of the collaborations was held on November 4th at the Leeds City Museum. See below to read more about the workshops.
The Bridewell Museum Workshop (March-June 2008)
One of the workshops involved school pupils who worked with museum curators, learning officers and architecture students to re-design a gallery. 
More related publications can be accessed via the link.
The Research Workshop series has been selected by AHRC as a Case Study and will be inclused in its Annual Report for 2008-9.
The Castle Museum Norwich Workshop (February 2011)
The Castle Museum Keep has been the subject of a collaboration between school pupils and architecture students. The model of working established at the Bridewell workshops, part of the AHRC research initiative in 2008, has been reapplied. 


The linked jiscmail list is a discussion forum with over 70 subscribers.
Pupils Design a Museum, Norwich, June 2008

 Images of The School I'd Like from Burke and Grosvenor (2003)
Colin Ward (1924-2010) Education, Childhood and Environment.
This multi-disciplinary conference was held at the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education on March 11th and 12th 2011.
Keynote presentations and papers will be available here soon.