Intro to Ind. Study Development Homepage

" It made a difference to that one."

It is time to rethink the experience new students face when they make the big switch from a highly structured environment to our environment. 

How will this Work?

New  9-12 Students coming to Visions will be enrolled in the Introduction to Independent Study Class. They will begin by working only on this class.

During this class, students will have some time to get to know the program, get to know their teacher, and get to know what it means to be an Independent Study Student.

Teachers will have the time to get to know the student; strengths, challenges, learning styles, and individuality. This will help the teacher better design a personalized learning plan specific to that student.

Over the next several years, the program will be evaluated, refined and developed as the gateway for new students to a successful experience.

What will be the process?

Teachers and Staff will submit ideas during the months of March and April using the form provided on this website. (You can see the feedback already presented on each of the topic areas).

We will then bring a group together to review the ideas, then research and cobble together preliminary activities.

We will present them to faculty over May and June for feedback.

We will then bring a team to put it together over summer.

Staff will be trained in August on how to support the class.