Welcome to Vidyan

(Vikas Udyan = Growth Garden)

Children's Enrichment Classes by Vidya Nahar


To Provide Enrichment in a Nourishing Environment.

visit www.vyayam.com

for Yoga-Pilates and exercise classes.


for chair yoga classes.


for Bollywood dance classes.

www.vyanjan.us for healthy vegetarian cooking classes.

www.balodyan.com for Hindi and Marathi classes.

www.hempinghippos.com for hemp jewelry workshops.

www.hariyalithane.com to support nature conservation.

            Who  : For Kids 6 years and older.

           Where : 1165, Alden Lane, Buffalo Grove, IL, 60089.

           When  : Call to book your time slot, if you've a group of at least four kids.                                             

          What   : Chess 

                       Table -Tennis 

                       Nature - Arts 

                       Card Tricks and Games 

                       Bollywood Dance 


            How much : ( for group classes) $50 per month per person multiplied by the number of classes per week. 

                                Maximum students per class is 6 in a group lesson.

                              ( for private classes) $600 for a package of 10 one-hour-long classes or $70 on pay-as-you-go basis. 

                               Each private lesson can be shared by a maximum of 4 people. 

                               Add $10 per person for each additional person in your private group.